Our Fabulous Floral Collection Continues to Bloom and Grow

Our Fabulous Floral Collection Continues to Bloom and Grow

As we launch the second part of our One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers Collection, we are delighted to introduce the latest, very special, pieces. Joining our luxurious wallpaper, Crewel wall hanging, hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs, is the circular One Hundred Flowers hand-tufted rug, One Hundred Flowers hand-knotted runner and One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers cushion, creating a collection full of colour and joy that shares an uplifting message. 

One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers original hand-knotted rug design takes inspiration from a beautiful pair of hand-painted Japanese scrolls, which depict numerous birds and animals living together in harmony. It is a story full of hope and life, a joyful design spilling over with colour. Shades include red, pink, orange, lilac, aqua, green, blue, yellow and gold, all beautifully balanced, complementing each other, in a design that has lots going on but retains a delicate sense of contemplation.

One of the most exciting additions to the One Hundred Flowers pieces includes a floral edge on the new hand-knotted runner and circular rug. Although Wendy has created custom floral shapes in the past, this is the first time she has incorporated the idea in a widely available piece. 
‘The shaped edge happened quite instinctively whilst playing with the florals,’ Wendy explains. ‘She works beautifully framing a table, either a coffee table or a dining table, and would certainly raise a smile. She could also be used to frame a bed, creating your very own indoor flowerbed!’ 

‘This collection has really taken on a life of her own. I love the Crewel embroidery - with so many colourful floral details in viscose, she really does sparkle. I have also fallen in love with the floral edging of the hand-tufted rug.
‘I have played with the entire collection in my own home and loved this design throughout our house,’ Wendy says. ‘If I had the choice, I would place the One Hundred Flowers rectangular rug in our dining room as the perfect backdrop for the dining table. I would also be very happy with a custom piece to frame our bed - I love the idea of a ‘flowerbed’ now!
‘It is the fresh use of yellow and lilac that I love about this collection,’ she adds. ‘It is currently my favourite colour combination, combined here in a fresh, light and invigorating palette. These are colours that always make me feel good.’ 

One Hundred Flowers Circular Hand-Tufted Rug

The design for the One Hundred Flowers hand-tufted rug puts the focus firmly on florals, with a glorious pattern and fabulous flower-edged border.

Moving outwards from a pale central base, the uplifting design is full of vitality, with colourful florals in full bloom literally spilling over the edge of the rug’s border, enhancing a sense of nature, nurture and comfort. The cut-out edging curves around foliage and flowers, enhancing the soft, tactile nature of this round rug.

We have discussed in detail the beauty and versatility of a circular rug in a previous journal here, but this is a piece that makes a statement all on her own. 

One Hundred Flowers Hand-Knotted Runner

Our One Hundred Flowers hand-knotted wool and silk runner is full of colour, life and vitality with the same gorgeous floral-edge detail. Glorious flowers and exotic birds exist in harmony, brought to life through delicate details hand-woven in shimmering silk against a pale soft wool backdrop.

A runner is the perfect solution for narrow, often overlooked spaces. Entrance hallways, corridors and narrow spaces spring to mind, but a runner also brings life to items of furniture, the front of a sofa, the side of a bed or in front of a dresser or console table, adding warmth, colour and texture to all spaces. You can read our previous journal all about the versatility of a runner here

One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers Cushion

Joining our sumptuous cushion collection, One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers introduces a lighter note. A lilac velvet backing with green piping is the perfect partner to a pale cover filled with colourful, delicate, birds and blooms. She is a perfect companion piece for other designs - the carefully curated colour palette ensures all of Wendy Morrison’s designs work together - but makes a style statement all her own too.

‘This is a design that brings together so many of my favourite things - colour, nature, flowers, foliage, birds and beautiful detail,’ Wendy explains, ‘I find I return to her again and again, and always feel inspired.’ 

Discover the full One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers Collection here!

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