Show the unloved spaces a little TLC with a sumptuous, hand-crafted runner

Show the unloved spaces a little TLC with a sumptuous, hand-crafted runner

When decorating our new London showroom recently, we placed our Shanghai Blossom runner at the entrance to create a bright and cheerful welcome. So many visitors to the showroom commented on what an impact she made, it made us want to share why we feel our runners are so very special.

Perfect for spaces that are too small for a rug, runners are one of the easiest ways to make an instant impact. Hallways, stairs, behind the sofa, in front of kitchen units, beside a bed – all of these overlooked, awkward spaces come alive with the addition of a well-chosen runner. Handcrafted, full of colour, pattern and exquisite detail, our runners transform a tricky space into one that makes you happy.

Our beautiful collection of runners create a bright and cheerful welcome to any space

Runners add instant impact

‘Runners are such a nice easy way to add interest to a small space,’ Wendy explains. ’They’re a great way to raise a smile on the entrance to a hallway. They are also beautifully soft underfoot when you get up in the morning, if you place one alongside the bed.

‘We have very long hallways at home and runners are the perfect way to add colour, texture and interest, but also to create warmth, with a design that makes you smile,’ Wendy adds.

The most recent additions to the Wendy Morrison Design collection of runners includes Nurture Black, Nurture Green, Kimono Gold and Chinese Garden of Virtue - each with her own character and personality to create a unique look and feel in your home.

The newest addition to our runner collection is our striking Chinese Garden of Virtue runner.

Nurture your home with Black or Green

Although they share the same motifs of exotic, swooping birds, fresh pink blossom and peony roses in full bloom, Nurture Black and Nurture Green runners create a dramatically different impact. A joyful design, both colourways share a positive and uplifting message of new growth, living in harmony and a connection with nature.

Nurture Black is full of drama with colourful birds and plant life set against a bold, dark backdrop encased in a wonderful gold patterned border that brings a sense of luxury and opulence. ‘I think Nurture Black may be my new favourite,’ Wendy says, ‘the black base is very rich with the gold detail. She has a lovely sprinkling of colour to follow in the form of florals and birds.’

Nurture Black is full of drama with colourful birds and plant life set against a bold, dark backdrop

Nurture Green is equally luxurious with her bright, jewel-like base and grounding black border. These pieces highlight the positive power of colour and the way colour can shape the mood of a space.

Our Nurture Green runner will bring a fabulous pop of colour to any space

Add life to halls with a glimmer of gold

Our Kimono Gold hand-tufted runner is a glorious design showing gold-etched cranes soaring above beautiful peonies and chrysanthemums set against a stunning gold-striped backdrop. The gold and warm white stripe base grounds the spectrum of feelgood red, orange, pink, blue, green, yellow and lilac that play throughout the design. This is a runner to instantly lift the spirits and bring life to an overlooked area.

Our gloriously gold Kimono Gold runner works perfectly as a bedside rug!

Inspired by Chinese symbolism and renowned rugmaker Walter Nichols' Art Deco rugs, we also launch new Chinese Garden of Virtue runner this week. Insta followers may have already spotted her and we can’t wait to share this floral beauty - she features the four Chinese flowers of virtue, Plum Blossom, Bamboo, Orchid and Chrysanthemum - and has a wonderfully gentle colour palette cocooned in a bold gold border.

Chinese Garden of Virtue Runner looking fabulous with our Esska heels!

Open your doors to nature

Birdsong Yellow is another bright and beautiful favourite, spreading joy, colour and light wherever she goes. The colour of happiness, our Birdsong Yellow Runner feels like such a springtime piece, featuring exotic birds and beautiful magnolias, orchids and chrysanthemums, a perfect picture of nature to throw your door open to.

Plumage is another incredibly versatile option,’ Wendy says, ‘she also lends herself very nicely to custom sizes - all of our runners are available in custom sizes. And if you have a space that is crying out for a shot of colour, Jardin de Orient in black, green and pink offers wonderfully playful options.

‘Our runners are also ideal on stairs,’ Wendy says, ‘although it is likely you would need a carpet fitter to get the positioning right. They are a fantastic option for adding elegant style, colour and warmth to stairways.’

Plumage is one of our most versatile designs. She comes as both a full sized rug and as a runner. We can also create her and all our other design to your custom size specifications

Complete the look with newly launched Nurture Light Wallpaper

A beautiful companion piece to our Nurture runners, we have just launched Nurture Light Wallpaper. Like our recently released Nurture Dark wallcovering, Nurture Light is designed to be used as a border on walls, rather than covering the entire wall. Wallpaper can be applied to the top or bottom of a wall for a continuous display of colour and pattern.

Nurture Light Wallpaper is so easy to use,’ Wendy explains. ‘She is nice and light with a lovely sprinkling of colour on an iridescent base. A neutral wallcovering, she is easy to use with other colours. I am pairing her with a pink wall, which creates a lovely feminine feel, but green and yellow also spring to mind too.

‘I think she works very well in any room of the home,’ Wendy adds, ‘particularly useful for someone who would like to try out colour and pattern. She makes a wonderfully gentle statement!’

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