Up the glam factor with our luxe new runners and a cushion called Joy

Up the glam factor with our luxe new runners and a cushion called Joy

We’ve had an incredibly busy time lately with lots of travel and trade shows, but, despite all this activity, we are delighted to share we have still been able to extend our product range with the addition of four new runners and an eagerly awaited crewel cushion.

You can now order a hand-crafted runner in four new designs, each based on an existing hand-tufted rug - Mount Orient, Kimono Noir, Cranes in Trees, and Eternity Dark. And to add to the colourful, uplifting, mix, our Joy design is now available as a sumptuous crewel cushion.

Instant glamour

The easy glamour and versatility of our runners has been discussed in a previous journal here - they really are the perfect pick-me-up for overlooked or narrow spaces, adding colour, comfort and tactile texture in one simple step.
‘We love that you have taken the pretty and practical runner to your heart,’ Wendy says. ‘When deciding which new runners to introduce, we listened to what our customers were asking for. Some of our most popular rugs were being requested as a runner, which is what guided our decision,’ she adds.
An ideal solution for spaces that are too small for a rug, but still need warmth, colour and interest, a well-chosen runner breathes new life into an overlooked area. Adding instant warmth, colour and pattern to a floor, runners can also be used to frame furniture, such as a sofa or bed, for added interest, or to draw a décor scheme together. 
Full of colour, pattern, design detail and each with a story to tell, we hope extending our runners collection will add even more fun and choice to home decor. 

Mount Orient

The dark grey base of our Mount Orient runner adds an element of drama, but also ensures this is a wonderful neutral that can be easily incorporated into design schemes. A gentle colour palette allows beautiful floral blooms to spring to life against the elegant grey backdrop. Glorious gold-etched cranes, which are a symbol of longevity, peace and wisdom, soar serenely above the florals, drawing the eye the length of the runner.   

Kimono Noir

The monochrome backdrop to the Kimono Noir runner results in a bold, graphic design, punctuated beautifully with soaring cranes, colourful chrysanthemums, and pretty peony roses. Chrysanthemums symbolise happiness and vitality, and often represent a long and happy life in Far Eastern philosophies. The peony embodies romance and prosperity, and is often regarded as an omen for good fortune. There may be lots going on with this design and colour combinations, but the monochrome base makes her an easy piece to place and love living with.

Cranes in Trees

The pale base of Cranes in Trees enables the bold and elegant colour palette of red, gold and black to really stand out. Each motif and design detail comes to life, sharing a story of longevity and resilience. Cranes, which symbolise happiness, good fortune and a long life, soar above pine trees, which represent the ability to withstand adversity. Full of impact, this new runner makes a luxurious, vibrant addition to homes.

Eternity Dark

Inspired by Chinese philosophy, our Eternity Dark runner is full of motifs for a long and happy life, including our much-loved cranes, which symbolise happiness, good fortune and longevity. The dark base is the perfect backdrop for the beautifully balanced mix of pink, gold, aqua, purple and green that bring life to every delicate detail. Hanging branches, trailing wisteria and a pink, circular sun all combine to tell an uplifting story of eternal life.

Joy Crewel Cushion

Positively life enhancing, Joy is the latest design to join our Crewel Cushion collection. Colourful hummingbirds, butterflies, chrysanthemums, lotus flowers, clouds and waves combine in an uplifting story of hope and optimism.

Crewel embroidery has a rich history that dates back centuries - you can read more about the technique in our previous journal here. This type of embroidery work relies on high-quality wool thread and a skilled artisan, who can create a luxurious, embossed effect, which brings every delicate design detail to life.

This style of embroidery is a labour-intensive process though - it takes two to three days to hand embroider a single piece for a 45cm x 45cm cushion, which makes this a true labour of love. 

Joy is full of colour, pattern, and symbolism, with a positive story. Colourful motifs etched in gold stand out against a pale backdrop, ready to add instant glamour and luxury to any interior. These hand-crafted crewel cushions are gorgeous to look at, but they also feel soft and sumptuous, adding a wonderful tactile layer to interior styling.

We hope you love our new additions as much as we do! 

To celebrate our four new runners and Joy crewel cushion, we are offering 15% off pre-orders of each. So, if you have your eye on any of the new runners, including Mount Orient, Kimono Noir, Cranes in Trees, or Eternity Dark, as well as our Joy cushion, make sure you place an order to take advantage of this very special offer, which only runs until 13th October 2023. 

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