The beauty of collaboration within our new design world

The beauty of collaboration within our new design world

There is something rather special about working on a collaboration. Whether that is product design, as we did with our collection for MonoPrix Or sharing inspiration with a designer like Anna Campbell Jones - you can see how she styled our shimmering Pink Moon in her own home here. When it came to decorating our new London Design Centre showroom, we were delighted to be able to collaborate with friends old and new to create a wonderfully inviting space that we feel is exciting and inspiring.

We want to thank all those we worked with and thought you might be interested in who they are - we love being able to share others’ work we enjoy and appreciate.

Our showroom plays host to a selection of  pieces from brands that we admire and sit beautifully along side our own designs.

Beauvamp Studio

This independent British lighting brand specialises in hand-stitched lampshades, combining traditional sewing with contemporary style and vintage-inspired design. We love the look and ethos behind Beauvamp.

‘I am always happy to collaborate with Alice from Beauvamp,’ Wendy says, ‘she makes the most beautiful light shades. We met on Instagram many years ago and it is clear our clients are very much aligned. You can spot her lamps in many of our images. We try to select a product that will go with as many of our rugs as possible and this little red tent stripey shade is perfect with Pink Moon.

Beauvamp's exquisite lampshades have been a long time favourite of Wendy's and take pride of place in our showroom

Charles Orchard Furniture

Years spent living in Asia have inspired Charles Orchard’s beautiful, classically designed furniture. High-quality, colourful pieces, often with unexpected details, are beautifully crafted with incredible attention to detail. The type of furniture that catches our eye.

‘I met Charles Orchard at Decorex last summer and felt immediately that we were aligned,’ Wendy explains. ‘I loved all his furniture and when he suggested creating some pieces for the showroom, I did not hesitate.

‘His beautiful scalloped table and yellow trellis chairs are very comfortable in our new showroom, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and offering a colourful place to sit and take in the space.

The beautiful pop of yellow in our Charles Orchard trellis chairs sit perfectly with two new products, coming very soon!

Robert Langford

A company that supplies gorgeous furniture and upholstered pieces to the interior design industry. Items can be made to order or personalised to suit a particular project.

‘One of our new friends at the design centre, Robert Langford very kindly upholstered a fabulous swivel chair in our Phoenix Black Velvet fabric and a little pouffe in Arc en Ciel,’ Wendy explains. This is one of the wonderful things about being based in the London Design Centre, we have the opportunity to meet and make new friends in this exciting environment.’

Robert Langford lovingly upholstered a fabulous swivel chair in our Phoenix Black Velvet Fabric.

The Nine Schools

This is a wonderful business based on traditional Chinese and Far Eastern design and techniques. You will find lacquered furniture made in Shangdong Province, China, while ceramics are made in Jingdezhen China, which is known as the ‘Porcelain Capital’ because ceramics have been produced there for 1,000 years.                      

‘Patrick from The Nine Schools understands my love of Chinoiserie and vases!’ explains Wendy. ‘He very kindly sent over a selection of his beautiful vases for our showroom opening. Patrick is another Instagram friend I met many years ago and quickly discovered our design passions and inspirations were very much aligned.’

Beautiful ceramics blue and white vases from The Nine Schools

Surface+ Flooring

With everything from bespoke timber and stone, to concrete and other natural floor coverings, including leather, wool and natural fibre, Surface+ knows what works where and how to fit it.

‘Alan Kennedy at Surface+ Flooring provided us with lovely wide plank oak flooring for the showroom,’ Wendy says. ‘It is the perfect surface to showcase our rugs, as well as the other furnishings within the room - a beautiful neutral backdrop for the wonderful colour going on all around.’

Our beautiful wooden flooring was supplied by our friends at Surface+

Gorgeous Headboards

The place to go for luxurious, hand-crafted, unique headboards made in Britain.

‘We have worked with Gorgeous Headboards to create headboards in our fabrics,’ Wendy explains. ‘The company also created an ottoman covered in our colourful Arc en Ciel fabric, which was an absolute joy.’

As well as our wonderful collaborators, there are a number of rugs who were the stars of the show and are currently available in the new showroom. Until now, there hasn’t always been the option to see our rugs in real life, but if you can, please do. It is the best way to appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of materials that goes into each and every piece.

Gorgeous headboards have created many wonderful pieces including this Arc en Ciel fabric headboard

Dramatic hand-knotted rug Phoenix, inspired by the intricate embroidery of Japanese kimonos, shares a story of rebirth and renewal. Predominantly gold, black and warm white with a touch of meaningful lilac, Eternal Toile is composed of almost all of the symbols depicted in Korean and Chinese philosophy for a long and happy life.

Rainbow rug Arc en Ciel never fails to lift the spirits. Bright, beautiful and packed with glorious colour and design detail, Arc en Ciel tells a joyful story of hope, and highlights the power of colour to lift the mood. An elegant design shot through with flashes of shimmering pink and gold, set against a symbolic monochrome background, Pink Moon is surprisingly easy to place in a room. Despite her seeming simplicity, she holds her own against more intricate pattern - we feel she is quite fearless.

Our beautiful Phoenix hand-knotted rug seen here with our Phoenix Green wallpaper

Reflective, contemplative and gentle but with enormous presence, Solace is a glorious mix of gold, black, violet and warm white. A gorgeous neutral, Solace balances a striking detailed design with a minimal colour palette to maximum effect. A riveting design, Floral Waves Blue is inspired by Japanese culture. Layers of concentric circles portray waves, which represent the ebb and flow of the tide, providing strength, security and good luck.

Wendy’s first hand-knotted design, Jardin de Chinois, takes inspiration from Chinoiserie, which is in turn inspired by nature, birds, flowers and elaborate scenery. The rich jewel-blue base perfectly displays gold motifs and colourful birds, while golden grass sways around the slim, elegant trunk of a plum blossom tree. A design full of symbols for peace and longevity.

Our gentle Floral Waves Blue is inspired by Japanese Culture and sits beautifully with our equally gentle Joie de Vivre wallpaper

Shanghai Blossom features a multi-colour bold herringbone design, which has a wonderfully retro style. Shimmering gold highlights ensure chrysanthemum, lotus flower and peony rose florals - all powerful, symbolic flowers in Far Eastern culture - stand out.

Our award-winning Talisman tells the ultimate story, connecting the past and future, and celebrating optimism and the sheer joy of life through colour, pattern and design. A pair of playful dragons, which represent strength, good luck and kindness, rear out of soft ombre clouds, which symbolise peace happiness and luck. We feel she is a bit of a lucky charm and you can read her story here.

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