Introducing the magical, uplifting effect of our newest design Talisman

Introducing the magical, uplifting effect of our newest design Talisman

When it comes to storytelling, our new design Talisman has one of the most potent, uplifting tales to tell. This glorious wool and silk hand-knotted rug is woven around the themes of past and future, human optimism, and the sheer joy of life and living.

Talisman features a pair of playful dragons cocooned by ombre clouds, edged with gently undulating waves and a dramatic, geometric-patterned border. Green, blue, pink, gold, purple and lilac bring the mythical creatures vividly to life; the curved shapes and pattern of the dragons contrast beautifully with the bold geometric lines of the border, softened by the gentle curves of green waves, which symbolise time.

Gold clouds create a billowing backdrop to the colourful dragons, all set against a warm cream neutral base, which grounds the design and makes it easy to place in a home, despite the complexity of the design.

Introducing our newest hand-knotted design, Talisman

The power of colour

The dragons’ colours are replicated in the rainbow border, but this time in angular, bold, blocks of colour. The colours are similar to our gorgeously uplifting Arc en Ciel rug, with a few additional shades added here. Known as our Rainbow Rug, Arc en Ciel contains lots of perfectly balanced colour and always brings a smile to the face, which is exactly what we hope you feel when you see Talisman too. These are uplifting pieces designed to add joy to interiors.

Inspiration for Talisman comes from Wendy’s love of colour, storytelling, traditional design, Art Deco style, embroidery and beautiful silks. ‘Talisman is a celebration of storytelling and storytelling is the core of weaving, sharing the artistry involved in all the processes of creating rugs, along with building stories within the design contributes to creating a truly unique timeless piece,’ Wendy explains.

One of the main inspirations behind Talisman is Wendy's love of colour!

The symbolic importance of the dragon

The dragon has long held a prominent place in Chinese mythology, where it is a symbol of great power, strength and good luck, and can also symbolise kindness and protection. East Asian dragons have been believed to have powers over the sea, wind and rain, and are seen as creatures to protect the innocent and provide security.

‘The dragon felt like the ultimate motif, dragons hold such a prominent place in Chinese mythology, and are a symbol of great power, strength, and good luck. They can also symbolise kindness,’ Wendy explains.

The dragon has long held a prominent place in Chinese mythology

The beauty of the rainbow rug

‘The colourful border was inspired by the many beautiful Chinese Art Deco rugs I have on my Pinterest board. It was important to incorporate all of these beautiful colours as they create so much joy. Ombre clouds act as the backdrop to the powerful dragons; these are an omen of peace, a symbol of heaven, and represent happiness and good luck. The waves around the border symbolise time.

‘For me, bringing together these beautiful colours creates a feeling of joy,’ Wendy explains. ‘I’m a great believer in the power of colour to inspire, lift the mood, soothe and comfort, inspire and delight. Colour can be an escape and an inspirational haven.’

The bright border takes inspiration from beautiful Chinese Art Deco rugs and acknowledges the work of renowned rug designer Walter Nichols (whom you can read about in a previous journal here), who was hugely influential during the Art Deco era. Gold adds a sense of luxury and opulence, while colourful silk threads shimmer softly in the light in this rich, mesmerising design.


The beautiful silk, rainbow border is a nod to renowned rug designer Walter Nichols

Weaving art and tradition into our hand-knotted design

The hand-knotting technique used is the most labour-intensive process to create a rug and has a long, proud tradition. Carried out on a loom, every individual knot is woven by hand, using a centuries-old Tibetan knot technique. It is an incredibly time-consuming process - a single hand-knotted rug takes around four to five months to complete the design part of the rug-making process - but one that results in the most beautiful, finest quality rugs that are true heritage pieces, made to be handed on through generations. You can read more about hand-knotting here.

Talisman weaves together past and future, old and new, seamlessly. There is a connection with time gone by and time to come, and a message of looking forward with hope and optimism. Full of playful creativity and traditional techniques, expressive motifs and glorious colour in a design full of life, Talisman acknowledges and celebrates the past, and looks to a positive, harmonious future.

‘I feel she is the pinnacle of storytelling with possibly the wisest of stories,’ Wendy concludes.

Colourful Talisman sitting perfectly in contrast with our Mandela wallpaper

Award Winning Design

Our very special Talisman recently won the popular category of Best Transitional Design at the prestigious Carpet Design Awards, which celebrate original design, innovation and craftsmanship. Set to be unveiled at the opening of our new London showroom next week, Talisman was described by the judges as, ‘A unique design with fantastic colour and energy’.

Wendy celebrating Talisman which won Best Transitional Design at the prestigious Carpet Design Awards

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