Say hello to spring with a gorgeous touch of greenery

Written by: Lynn O'Rourke



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In celebration of the start of spring, we look at the benefits of introducing one of the most evocative seasonal colours - green - to your living space. Not only does a touch of green bring a sense of the outdoors in, it is also a wonderfully restful colour to live with.

Reminiscent of lush spring foliage, green brings a welcome sense of freshness, renewal and optimism. The colour green is most commonly associated with springtime in Europe and the US, and is often used to symbolise rebirth, renewal and fabulous fresh starts.

Why is green such a popular colour to live with? Different colours of light have different wavelengths and energy, which the human eye detects as differences in colour. Each primary colour corresponds to a different wavelength, with blue the lowest and red the highest. Green sits in the middle of the colour spectrum, at the wavelength where our perception is at its best, making it the colour we see most easily.

Welcome the outside in

Green is also the colour of nature and the outside world. We’ve shared our thoughts on biophilic design, which sits at the heart of living well and being inspired by the natural world, in a previous journal post here. Biophilic design is based on the human need to connect with nature and the benefits that brings, and is brought to life through Wendy’s nature-inspired designs and her love of green, which features frequently in her rugs, fabrics and wallpapers.

As a result of its association with nature, the colour green evokes feelings of peace and calm, as well as freshness and vitality. Green is frequently the colour we turn to when creating an interior that is relaxing and nurturing.

An optimistic colour

In spiritual terms, green is hopeful and optimistic. It is often symbolic of growth, new beginnings, rebirth, renewal and vibrancy. Psychological research has shown that the colour green can evoke feelings of abundance, peace and security, and has even been shown to reduce stress and improve focus.

Beautiful, easy on the eye and it reminds us of nature, there are many reasons why green is a wonderful colour to live with. ‘Colour instantly creates particular feelings or emotions for me,’ Wendy says. ‘I love the fact that colour has the power to uplift and inspire, and green is a colour I am always drawn to.’

To welcome in the new season, and celebrate springtime’s sense of renewal and revival, we’ve put together a few design suggestions with green at the heart that we hope will inspire and uplift you.

Joie de Vivre

With the sense of stepping into a wonderful garden, Joie de Vivre is full of joy, life and vibrancy. Designed during the pandemic, she is a wonderful reminder of the importance of connecting with the natural world. The hand-knotted rug features a soft ombre green wool base, while the wallpaper and fabric have the same gentle green backdrop, which is home to colourful flora and exotic birds for an elegantly uplifting design.

Phoenix Green Hand-knotted Rug and Wallpaper

With a phoenix, which represents rebirth and renewal, at her heart, Phoenix Green’s grounding base is the perfect backdrop to glorious chrysanthemums in bloom and playful butterflies. The soothing green background allows the jewel-like silk details to spring to life.

The luscious green background works just as beautifully on walls, setting the stage for an exhilarating show featuring glorious, life-affirming chrysanthemums and dancing butterflies around the mystical phoenix, itself a symbol of regeneration and new beginnings.

"Colour instantly creates particular feelings or emotions for me.I love the fact that colour has the power to uplift and inspire, and green is a colour I am always drawn to."


Vogue Deco Hand-tufted Rug

A gentle green wool backdrop, teamed with pink, black and gold, gives Vogue Deco a fresh-yet-glamorous look. The geometric background makes a nod to Art Deco styling, while the glorious soaring crane symbolises good fortune and longevity. A story full of joy, hope and positivity, this is a bold, luxurious way to bring a sense of the outside in.

Nurture Green Hand-tufted Rug and Runner

A vibrant green base allows colourful, exotic birds, pretty pink blossom and gorgeous peony roses to come to life before your eyes in this uplifting story of the importance of the natural world around us. This is a joyful design in both the hand-tufted rug and versatile runner, full of happiness and colour, highlighted by a scroll-like black border that further emphasises the life within.

Love Birds Green

Bursting with life, Love Birds features a tree full of light-green, gold-etched, leaves at her heart, set against a deeper green background, all surrounded by bright, beautiful blooms and dotted with exotic birds. Nature in all her glory is wonderfully represented in this gorgeous, uplifting design, while the radiant colours feel truly revitalising.

Jardin de Orient Green Hand-tufted Rug and Runner

The Chinoiserie influence is clear to see in the gold frame enveloping the glorious green wool base and shimmering gold flora silhouettes of Jardin de Orient Green. Calming and restful, yet full of impact, colourful exotic birds ‘pop’ against the glorious combination of green and gold. The importance of flora and fauna in this design highlights our love of nature, and reminds us of the importance of the natural world to mind, body and spirit.

We hope our suggestions offer some springtime inspiration. As ever, don’t hesitate to contact us to book a free virtual consultation, or pop into our newly revamped London showroom, with any queries.