Open your hearts and homes to One Hundred Birds and Flowers

Open your hearts and homes to One Hundred Birds and Flowers

Just over a year ago, we introduced the joyful One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers hand-knotted heirloom rug to the Wendy Morrison range. Now, this beautifully uplifting design extends to a wider collection, including wonderful wallpaper, a sumptuous crewel wall-hanging and our unique One Hundred Flowers hand-tufted rectangular rug.

‘I have loved seeing this design evolve,’ Wendy explains. ‘It is down to the skill of our artisan workers that brings her to life in so many different ways.’  

The original hand-knotted rug design was inspired by a spectacular pair of hanging scrolls by Japanese painter Suzuki Kiitsu in the 19th century, called One Hundred Animals; One Hundred Birds. It is a stunning work of art, showing birds and animals co-existing in harmony.

Wendy’s love of nature and the connection we have with the natural world are at the heart of her design. Full of life, hope and vitality, One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers has a delicate, detailed pattern brought to life in a range of beautifully balanced colours, including shades of red, pink, orange, lilac, aqua, green, blue, yellow and glorious gold.

The life-enhancing design, with her message of living life well, in harmony, runs throughout the collection, with subtle modifications for each individual piece. 

One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers Wallpaper

Full of symbolism, hope and vitality, our One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers wallpaper resembles a peaceful, restorative garden, with exotic birds, flowers, trees, and foliage bringing the beauty of nature indoors.

Taking flight skywards from colourful flowers and foliage along the base of the wallpaper, elegant, exotic birds suggest beauty, harmony, grace and balance, A slim plum blossom tree, which symbolises resilience and perseverance, reaches up towards a canopy of green leaves and tree branches along the top of the wall covering, which mirrors the planting below.

Subtle enough to cover all the walls in a room, the design is also bold enough to create an eye-catching feature wall. With a colourful, yet delicate, pattern, the result is light and playful, resulting in walls that will lift your spirits and soothe your soul. Surround yourself with birds and flowers and enjoy creating your own beautiful indoor secret garden.

One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers Crewel

This is such a wonderfully luxurious piece – a perfect finishing touch that can be used to draw a scheme together or add a surprising new element. We are delighted with how this gorgeous Crewel has turned out. Hand-crafted by the skilled artisans in Kashmir we have worked with for many years, Crewel embroidery combines high-quality wool with an age-old technique that results in a unique embossed finish. The finished Crewel is as soft as silk to the touch, with a glorious pattern full of colour, depth and beautiful detail.

As versatile as she is luxurious, our hand-embroidered crewel can be used as a sofa, chair or bed throw, decorative wall-hanging or even curtains; she looks stunning draped across a jewel-coloured sofa. Full of joy, this crewel is a beautiful accessory to add colour, texture, warmth and interest to interiors using one simple, elegant, statement piece. 

One Hundred Flowers Hand-Tufted Rug

Taking inspiration from the One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers hand-knotted rug, our glorious hand-tufted rectangular rug design puts the focus firmly on fabulous florals. And we don’t mean the blooms just take centre stage in the design – this new rug features a unique border, which is shaped around leaves and petals that reach beyond the boundary of the rug itself. It is a wonderfully evocative detail – reflecting the way flowers grow, naturally spilling upwards and outwards, uncontained. As a result, the edge of the rug is softly uneven, enhancing a sense of life and movement. 

The design features a pale wool backdrop filled with colourful flowers and foliage – some large and blowsy, some tall and delicate – forming a floral border around an elegant, motif-free, centre. The design elements placed around the edge of the rug in this way add to the versatility of the piece – an item of furniture, such as a coffee or dining table, can sit in the centre, framed by colourful florals.

Light, playful and gentle, One Hundred Flowers makes you feel as if you are stepping into a peaceful garden full of beautiful blooms. A space that will soothe and restore, and will always make you smile.

We do hope you love our light and lovely new additions to this very special collection. As ever, please do let us know what you think and feel free to share your own images - we love seeing them! 

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