Five steps to a serene-yet-stylish bedroom space

Five steps to a serene-yet-stylish bedroom space

If you had to choose one room in your home where you wanted to feel especially relaxed, we reckon it would be the bedroom. A place to leave the outside world behind and take time to recharge.

Anyone interested in Feng Shui philosophy - the ancient Chinese art of arranging objects and space to harness energy or ‘chi’ to create harmony and balance –will know the bedroom is one of the most important rooms for relaxation and positive energy.

How to treat yourself to a calming bedroom

Waking up in a calm and peaceful environment is a joy, and there are a few simple steps to help create such a space. Decluttering is key within Feng Shui design to create an organised room that helps the flow of positive energy. Use soft, gentle lighting, add a focal point to make the space feel grounded, use natural textures, such as wool, separate work and rest areas, and choose uplifting colours. Feng Shui is about creating a space that makes you feel good, a space that enhances wellbeing - principles we try to live by.

1. Start with the floor space

Practicalities play a part in shaping the look and feel of a bedroom. One issue came to light when we created a rug for interiors journalist Kate Watson-Smyth in 2020. Kate loved Wendy’s designs, but didn’t want to ‘lose’ part of the design if she placed a rug under her bed.

Our Secret Garden rug was the result – a timeless design that maximised design space around the perimeter of the rug. You can read all about the collaboration here.

‘You want to see as much design as possible,’ Wendy says. ‘We have created several designs that accommodate this by having the design detail around the perimeter of the rug. But, if none of these are your favourites, I would place the rug perhaps a third under the bed and allow the design to speak at the end of the bed. If you do not have enough room at the foot of the bed, position it so you see more at the side.’

Perfect rugs for an under-bed look

We now have several rugs that lend themselves to a restorative bedroom setting: Secret Garden Lotus Pink combines Chinoiserie with a gentle, soothing pink, the colour of romance, peace and love; inspired by Secret Garden,  Jardin de Orient Pink & Gold features a glorious Chinoiserie-style frame, which looks stunning surrounding a bed; elegant Joie de Vivre is full of uplifting elements depicting the natural world, while soft, ombre green paired with lilac make her a wonderful bedroom rug;

Calming and luxurious, Phoenix Green represents the cyclical nature of life with gentle colours to soothe and lustrous gold to entrance; composed of many symbols depicting a long and happy life, with a neutral colour palette (with the exception of lilac, a meaningful colour, which often symbolises spirituality, happiness and tranquillity), Eternal Toile is a stunning addition to bedrooms;

life-enhancing Arc en Ciel brings swooping colour and pattern to a bedroom to create an energy-boosting focal point; uplifting pinks, aqua and teal stand out against a lustrous black and gold base of Mandela Solace in a delicate pattern.

Whether you want a rug to frame the bed or sit alongside, our Custom Rug Service gives you the choice to scale up easily to fit a particular space, which you can find all about here.

2. Pay attention to awkward, overlooked areas

If you are working with a more restrictive space and want that sense of comfort underfoot when you get up in the morning, runners are a wonderful option to place either side of a bed, or along the foot of the bed. Chinese Garden of Virtue, Birdsong Yellow, Flowers of Virtue Sardinian Pink, and Kimono Gold all work beautifully in a restful bedroom setting.

Alcoves, corners and single walls can enjoy a new lease of life with the introduction of luxury patterned wallpaper, particularly when you choose a colour you can then pick up throughout the rest of the bedroom. The lilac from Joie de Vivre makes a beautiful accent colour, while Phoenix Green offers lots of options.

3. Add a statement piece to create a focal point

‘I always think the simplest way to create impact in a bedroom is with the addition of colour or wallpaper,’ Wendy says. ‘Joie de Vivre is a mural made up of three individual panels that brings interest and impact to a bedroom. I love her sense of connection with the natural world - something I feel is particularly nice to be reminded of in a restful space.

‘Recently I discovered the wonderful impact an upholstered headboard can make when we were experimenting with different uses for our new fabrics. A fabric-covered headboard is full of impact and is an easy way to create a unique focal point. You can order headboards in our fabric directly from UK-based Gorgeous Headboards.

4. Ramp up the luxe look and comfort factor

Bedrooms call out for tactile texture, comfort and cosiness. One of the simplest ways to combine these elements is with soft furnishings. Our hand-crafted cushions and crewel embroidery take sumptuous bedroom elegance to a new level.

‘You can have fun dressing the bed with cushions and bedding, which looks good and adds to the comfort factor of a room’ Wendy says. ‘The crewel embroidered bedspread really does make making the bed a real joy!

‘Our Arc en Ciel Crewel Embroidered throw is another favourite, with her wonderful sparkling colours. I’ve also used the Eternal Toile Crewel Embroidered Wall Hanging as curtains in our bedroom, they are so heavily textured they create real warmth in the room and dress the window beautifully too.’

‘Our Arc en Ciel Crewel Embroidered throw is another favourite, with her wonderful sparkling colours. I’ve also used the Eternal Toile Crewel Embroidered Wall Hanging as curtains in our bedroom, they are so heavily textured they create real warmth in the room and dress the window beautifully too.’

5. Carefully consider colour and balance

‘I feel our Joie de Vivre wall mural gently makes the room, just matching the base colour to the walls and ceiling creates a calm and restful feel. She also works beautifully with the Secret Garden Pink & Gold rug in my bedroom and with the chaise longue, which has been reupholstered in Eternal Toile viscose/linen.’

Drawing elements together with a considered colour palette helps to create a calming, cohesive look, and it’s always fun seeing how different colour combinations make you feel. ‘My personal favourites always feature green, green and pink, green and lilac, although I could be tempted to go with a beautiful yellow too,’ Wendy adds.

We love nothing more than to talk about all things design and décor, so if you need any advice, please do get in touch, or, if you are in London, pop into our new showroom.

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