The beauty of a custom rug

The beauty of a custom rug

We’ve talked about the process behind our custom rugs in a previous journal, but this time we would like to share our thoughts on the beauty of a custom rug – just why they are quite so special and why they are often the perfect finishing touch to a space.

‘The beauty of a custom rug is that it is very much designed for a specific space,’ Wendy says, ‘whether that requires an unusual size or tweak in colour, perhaps to coordinate with other favourite pieces in the room.

‘We are currently working on a custom piece for Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s master bedroom. The design is Jardin de Orient and I adapted the base colour along with some colour details within the birds to coordinate with his wallcoverings and fabric choices,’ Wendy explains.

‘Occasionally, design details can be repositioned to accommodate furniture placement too, which was the case for an ivory Jardin de Orient for a beautiful dining room. One special project in the past led to a wonderful rug for interiors writer Kate Watson-Smyth; Kate wanted a bedroom rug with a design that wouldn’t be lost under her bed.

Custom ivory Jardin de Orient for a beautiful dining room project

‘Ideally, colours come from our existing colour palette, but we are always happy to work with the client if they have a specific shade in mind, Wendy explains. ‘We often match colours to fabric or wallpaper swatches, which is then followed with lab dips and sampling to make sure everything works beautifully together. Lab dips are created when dyeing a new colour and displayed on ‘poms’, a condensed wrap of yarn similar to a tuft of carpet that shows the new colour.

‘We have always offered the custom service,’ Wendy explains, ‘it is part of the beauty of working with a small workshop creating individual hand-made rugs. It is an exciting process as there are so many possibilities.
‘It is always a pleasure to work with a customer to create the right rug for their space. Using our virtual appointment service is a great place to start. We feel both are an essential service as every home or interior space is unique and everyone has their own requirements.’

Our beautiful and colourful 'Poms', which are a condensed wrap of yarn

Previous custom projects include Plumage, which was for a large cinema room with a final size of 37m2. Large scale can be applied to hand-knotted rugs too – we are currently in the completion stages of a large, hand-knotted Zebra Leopard Palms rug at 390cm x 490cm.

Most of Wendy’s designs can be adapted, whether to create a runner or a circular rug in a scale that works with each design. The Chinese Garden of Virtue runner is a good example; while there are elements of the original design that are not included in the runner, it does not compromise the overall finish – each piece has her own distinctive look but stays true to the original design story.

A rather large custom Plumage for a home cinema project

Similarly, Leopard Palms Light was created as a 300cm x 220cm rug but, by using specific elements of the original design – one leopard instead of two – the design can be re-worked to create a circular rug or smaller-scale design. The beauty is in taking distinctive elements from the original design and rethinking how they might work in a slightly different setting, whilst maintaining the story and authenticity of the original piece.

Many of our designs can be adapted into a circular design, like this beautiful circular Leopard Palms Light

The Floral Waves Pink stair runner pictured is for a fabulous project in Washington DC. The space is for women and features building design and interiors products created only by women. The sheer scale of the runner is impressive, and we feel she creates a wonderful connection between levels. Inspired by Japanese culture, floral Waves’ layers of concentric circles portray waves, which represent the ebb and flow of the tide providing strength, security and surges of good luck. The pattern also draws the eye forward and she looks glorious bathed in light from enormous arched windows.

A custom Floral Waves Pink stair runner for a very special project

Whether you need a runner to cover acres of stairs or you simply want a beautiful rug to complement a special piece of furniture, there is lots of scope to find the perfect finishing touch for your interior space – whatever that may be.

A custom Chinese Garden of Virtue runner coming to life on the frame

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