What we loved in May

What we loved in May

Kelly Wearstler – Outdoor fabrics

With our attendance at HI Design on the horizon we allowed ourselves some time to get immersed in hotel design and came across Kelly Wearstler.  Kelly Wearstler has gone from boutique interior design studio to global lifestyle brand over the past two decades and we can see why. She has a distinctive style that is simple yet strong and mixes the raw with the refined, a formula which has proved popular with her very many fans.

We were interested in her outdoor fabrics – which are obviously more ‘everyday’ if you live in California where she and her company are based.  Outdoor fabrics are something we are considering so these caught our eye.  Actually these picture could have been taken on the east coast of Scotland where we are based!

We will be offering an outdoor fabric very soon – this new product will launch with Jasbir, a soft golden yellow rug of outdoor quality.

De Gournay – Wallpapers and screens

Taking inspiration in the design studio from flora and fauna we were drawn again to De Gournay wallpapers. These exquisite wallpapers are all hand painted by artisans.  The work that goes into each piece is evident from the astounding results.  They really are beautiful.

We also really liked their screens.  Again handpainted.

Jobs Handtryck – Rhubarb Wallpaper

On Instagram @pinkhouseinteriors posted about this lovely wallpaper by Jobs Handtryck, a swedish textiles family run company who still use the same handprinting methods on their fabrics as when the company started out in the 1930s.  They pride themselves on not going with the flow and suggest that is why their designs have become timeless classics.

Image from Heals

Whistles – Lilias Jungle Jumpsuit

In fashion as decorative as the wallpapers above we spotted this gorgeous jumpsuit.  It’s from Whistles and we are quite frankly, in love.

What do you think?  We’d love to hear your comments :)

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