What we loved in June

What we loved in June

The colours of SS/17

We love this mood board (via Pattern Curator) – the colours of S/S17.  We’re particularly inspired by it right now because we have a striped rug in the design stage.  A new offering coming soon.

PatternCurator™ is a forecasting company focused on reporting relevant print, pattern & color trends for artists & designers to express themselves in their fullest potential.  A resource for both design professionals & enthusiasts to use as a creative reference tool.  Check them out at pattercurator.org if you’re passionate about design and trends.

SS/17 Colour Mood Board

Fabric from Barkcloth

Finding inspiration in this Tropical Hawaiian leafy screen-printed batik fabric too.  Big leaves are bang on trend at present and we think this sketchy monochrome design is pretty fresh.  Available from Barkcloth.

Screen printed batik fabric from Barkcloth

Jacquard Skirt from HM

This cute jacquard weave skirt from HM.  It’s a wonderful design with cranes… or are they herons? Their necks seem long so we’ll stick with cranes.  Hmmm.  Anyway!  We love it.  Wendy’s Mount Orient rug from her latest Orient collection features beautiful gold viscose crane motifs and birds are always a huge source of inspiration for her.  This skirt is a snip at £30.  It would have been rude not to have bought it…

Cute little crane skirt

This eclectic bathroom

Maybe it’s because Wendy is in the process of planning a new bathroom or maybe she’s still being inspired by her recent trip to Hi Design in Lisbon recently (check out our instagram account for beautiful photos of patterned tiles in bright blues from the streets of this beautiful city) ….  or maybe just because it’s gorgeous.  This image found its way onto our inspirations & loves list, via Drummonds Bathrooms.

Imagine taking a shower in this room? Those stunning tiles work nicely with the metro subway style tiles and the cast iron bath with polished finish and the nickel plated rain shower.  Such an eclectic mix of styles that work so well!  I wonder if we’ll see a traditional tile inspired rug on the horizon??

Eclectic bathroom – look at those blue tiles!

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