What we loved in July

What we loved in July

Inspiration can be found anywhere.  This month we found it in a garden in sunny France and a Top Shop store in dreich Edinburgh.

Le Jardin de Cadiot, Carlux.

During a recent trip to the Dordogne, Wendy visited Le Jardin de Cadiot, in Carlux.  It’s a beautiful, relaxed and creative garden – informal, not manicured and formal.  Taking tea on the terrace was certainly a highlight, what a beautiful spot!

The Terrace at Le Jardin de Cadiot

Archway to the terrace

As you know Wendy gets inspiration for her rug designs from nature and this garden obviously stirred some design ideas which prompted this photograph.  Rug or pond?

Rug or pond?

Botanical Style by Selina Lake

Selina Lake (@selinalake) is an Interiors Stylist and this is her 7th book.  Inspired by flora and fauna, Wendy just had to pick it up.  It really is lovely and packed with great ideas for your home. Interiors don’t stop with rugs!

Botanical Style by Selina Lake

Avalon Collection by Arte International

We were shown some wonderful wallpapers in the studio that had us all drooling and needing to wipe our brows – Check these out from Arte from the Avalon collection.

The work of Karen Hay – ‘Stickman Interiors’

Karen Hay is Director (Hong Kong) of Stickman Interiors who offer a complete design experience which starts with the client and ensures every space they work on, (whether it be hotels, resorts, creative spaces, bars etc) is unique to the client.

Wendy had the pleasure of meeting Karen through an initiative with Scottish Enterprise and was blown away by some of their interiors, which are pretty incredible.  The interiors are more of an experience rather than, say, a hotel just looking fabulous.  It is one of the many ways in which Asia leads the way, working on mostly 6 or 7 star hotels.

42 – 43 Fairmont Chengdu stood out for Wendy who is in awe of anything Art Deco.

Drink Madame?

Soak up that green!

I think I’ll just sit here a while longer…

And finally…

This Skirt from Top Shop

It’s always nice to have a bit of fashion in these posts so how about this ‘Printed Jacquard A Line Skirt’?  This kilim inspired skirt from top shop caught our eye – striking colours but way too short for us, ha! We’re even more excited about showing you our flat woven collection now, coming later this year.

Kilim inspired.

We’d love to involve you in our ‘what we loved…’ posts so please feel free to comment and share any inspirations of your own.  A creative process is a two way thing!

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