What we loved in August…

What we loved in August…

Manuel Canovas, ‘Les Cavaliers Lin’ fabric in Rose Indien.

Through our bespoke design service we have been approached to design a rug to complement a client’s red sofa and cushions in Manuel Canovas’s ‘Les Cavaliers Lin’ fabric.  Picking out the hues of Rose Indien from the fabric and matching the red from the sofa will form an integral part of Wendy’s design.

It’s such a pleasure to be able to create a specific one-off piece for someone.  If you’re interested in our bespoke design service then please get in touch.  Wendy has over ten year’s experience dealing with both interior designers and private clients and will guide you through the process with ease.

The fabric is available from Colefax & Son at £95 per metre roll.

Manuel Canovas ‘Les Cavaliers’ fabric sparks a bespoke rug commission.

Kai buckle boots from Tibi

With Wendy’s background in fashion design it’s no surprise that fashion items provide inspiration and spark joy. These buckle up boots in particular have caught Wendy’s eye, though we’re not sure they’re suitable for her morning walks with Eddie around Belhaven Bay.  Maybe she could buy them and put them on display in a glass cabinet and stare at them frequently – at least they’d never get dirty.  The embroidery on them is reminiscent of our Mandela Moon cushion’s embroidered detail.

Volieres Bird Cage Floor Light from Graham & Green

As you probably know by now Wendy is passionate about birds.  They feature a lot in her rug designs.  Whilst immersing ourselves in The Pink House blog recently we saw the lamp version of this cute range.  The birds perch sweetly around the on-trend copper wiring in much the same way as they perch on the trees and foliage in Wendy’s rug designs.  Check out Forest, Magnolia, Enchanted Wood and Mandela Moon to get the gist!

Anthropologie Plumed Crest Dessert Plate

And finally, we can’t go more than a couple of months without putting something from Antrhopolgie in here.  So how about this dessert plate?  Wendy has two of these.  One she bought herself and another one was bought for her as a gift the same week – her friend’s know her so well!  One is on the wall in her new living room and the other is used at breakfast time to serve eggs from her very own chooks, Pippin & Madame Cherie, who arrived in the Morrison family last month.  Get over to instagram @wendymorrisondesign for more updates on Pippin & Cherie!

Anthropologie dessert plate – egg not included.

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