What we loved in April

What we loved in April

April has been an inspiring month…with lots of gold.

First up, Pavo Side Table from Anthropolgie

Wendy’s dream side table!  Her love of peacocks is obvious.  These beautiful birds adorn some of her rugs.  Imagine a smoky cocktail glass filled with martini (on ice, with olive) and you’re set to go.  Would it be overkill to pair it with our Peacock, Enchanted Wood  or Peacock Tree rugs? We think not!

Oliver Bonas – Luxe Furniture Range.

On the same theme, we particularly love this Hostess Trolley.  Oozing with Art Deco style, it is made of marble, glass and iron which has a rough luxe finish to give it a pre-loved look.  And…it’s on casters which is great for entertaining.   With Art Deco influencing many of our rugs, again its no surprise this caught our eye.

Anthropologie – Stretched Ikat Mina Sofa

We’ve been working on a new product lately, dhurries (flatwoven rugs).  One of the things we love about dhurries is that they can be so much more than just beautiful flooring.  We’ve seen them layered to create texture, we’ve seen them draped and hung.  Particularly we like them placed over sofas, or indeed forming the covers for sofas, so this caught our eye.

Contemporary Kimono

Japanese textiles are a huge source of inspiration for Wendy’s designs. Whilst researching Kimono fabric on Pinterest , for her forthcoming John Lewis A/W 16 collection, Wendy came across ‘contemporary-design-kimono.com’and was particularly drawn to this one.  We love the contrast of the black with rainbow stripe angles.  Again we’re seeing this in relation to our new flat woven products, coming soon. It would look as good on the floor as it would for a cool top!  And whilst we’re on Pinterest why not follow us, if you’re not already doing so… Wendy Morrison Pinterest

Karen Knorr – Photographer

Okay so we didn’t stumble upon Karen Knorr in April.  We are well aware of her work and we find it really, really inspiring.  It’s been such a dreary and grey month, leaving us feeling a bit flat here in the studio, and so to re-energise we’ve been dipping into her images for creative nourishment.

You must visit her website karenknorr.com and take a few moments to escape the daily grind and enter her visual world.

We chose this image in particular because of all the gold we’re seeing right now.  See first two ‘loves’ in this blog for example!

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