Wendy's rugs take time to craft

Wendy's rugs take time to craft

'Garden of Virtue' on the tufting frame.

2018 has been an incredibly busy year for me. Most times I feel like a spinning top circling at break-neck speed, juggling all that running a small business entails. However, temporarily removed from the day to day business whilst exhibiting at ICFF New York, I was able to step back from the spinning plates to realise what a fortunate position I am in and to thank everyone for their support. Since I personally took control of my Instagram account in September 2017, the growth in demand for my rugs has been quite incredible. I’m not entirely sure how this has happened but I’m extremely grateful for all the lovely new instagram friends that have helped spread the word and share my images.

As a result of our super fast growth, we are currently somewhat overwhelmed with orders. Obviously, this is to be celebrated but it brings its share of headaches too! If you’ve already bought one of my rugs, you’ll know that I strive to create tufted rugs of the finest quality. The designs I create are extremely challenging for hand-tufters and a certain level of experience and understanding between the tufters and myself is required to interpret the designs correctly. As I’ve developed I’ve learnt to create unique designs that are just about achievable by only the best tufters around. At the moment, we have a limited number of craftspeople trained to a sufficiently high level to tuft my designs. We do have plans to train more tufters but in the meantime we are limited in our capacity to fulfil orders, which forces us to a 12 week lead time on all orders (unless we are lucky enough to have the rug in stock). We have tried to build stock here at our studio in Scotland so that we can meet demand almost immediately but with our limited resources we find that our stock order is fully reserved before it even arrives with us!

I do hope this explains why we are not always able to meet lead time expectations. If you can factor in our 12 week lead-time to your project time lines this would be much appreciated.

Thanks again for your understanding and support! Wx

Designs such as ‘Good Fortune’ are extremely complex. Seen here on the tufting frame.

‘Good Fortune’ – tufting complete at the workshop

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