Wendy's Mood Board with Flowers of Virtue Graphite

Wendy's Mood Board with Flowers of Virtue Graphite

With the pretty blossoms blooming and blue skies peeking through the clouds, there could be no better time for us to re-visit our Flowers of Virtue Graphite Hand Tufted Rug. She is a true beauty and has a rather special story to share...

Plants and flowers have huge significance in Chinese culture and symbolise human values. The shimmering orchids, chrysanthemums, plum blossom and bamboo that stand out against the restful graphite backdrop of Flowers of Virtue Graphite are considered some of the most important. The white orchids represent purity and elegance; the chrysanthemum demonstrates tenacity and is believed to represent long life and good luck in the home; plum blossom demonstrates vitality, endurance and hope; bamboo also denotes endurance, peace and vitality, and demonstrates harmony between nature and humankind.
The strong graphite black backdrop grounds the green of bamboo, white of orchid and the pinks of chrysanthemum and plum blossom beautifully, while rich gold forms an elegant border.

Wendy has brought together some rather beautiful pieces in her latest mood board, with each piece taking inspiration from our Flowers of Virtue Graphite.

A mood board allows us all to be creative, to let our imagination take flight and play around with ideas. It allows us to explore, to discover what works and what doesn’t, what we like,
as well as what we don’t.



1. Nanjing - Jade Wallcovering from Schumacher

Based on an archival print, Nanjing is a modern take on classic chinoiserie motifs, with stylized trees, pagodas and fretwork fences. Available as a fabric and a wallcovering.

2. The Minnie Dress from Queens of Archive

Minnie brings a cool prairie feel. Adorned in the beautiful ‘In Bloom’ print, she exudes versatility in terms of styling with contrasting prints, exaggerated double frill sleeve & midaxi length. The ‘In Bloom’ print features hand drawn botanical illustrations, featuring mimosa and wild flowers, set against ebony and soft cream bases.

3. Pink and Gold floral Chandelier from Italian Lighting Centre

A beautiful 6-light Venetian chandelier hand-worked with the finest hand-blown crystal glass from the famous island of Murano. The stunning 24-carat gold decoration and pretty pink flowers make this a truly fabulous piece.

4. Kendra Dandy Muse Sculptural Chair from Anthropologie

Featuring a vibrant print designed by Kendra Dandy in collaboration with Anthropologie, this seat is an eye-catching addition to an office, club room, or living space. From its U-curved seat to its modern take on a barrel back silhouette, this sculptural chair is a true work of art.

5. Chinoiserie Fabric from GP & J Baker

This stunning chinoiserie fabric translates rather beautifully into cushion form and sits rather comfortably alongside Flowers of Virtue.

6. Kooper 3 Seater Sofa from SLF24

A glamorous piece. With an unconventional shape and sumptuous green fabric.

7. French Walnut & Marquetry Coffee Table, 20th Century

An exquisite French giltwood and marble top coffee table with Limoges plaques, circa 1950 in date.

8. Rajah Maxi Tote by Gucci

This pretty, whimsical piece has a floral print and a tiger head appliqué to the front. The perfect companion for Flowers of Virtue.

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