We shine a light on the beauty of gold and introduce new gem Floral Jewels

We shine a light on the beauty of gold and introduce new gem Floral Jewels

Now the clocks have sprung forward, we’re dreaming of lighter, brighter days, and looking ahead to feeling the sun’s warmth again. If you are looking for a fresher, brighter feel for your home, we have the perfect piece to spread a little light and joy - brand new hand-knotted rug Floral Jewels.

A neutral wool base allows details in handcrafted silk in a gorgeous medley of colours to stand out. For all she is full of colour and bold pattern, Floral Jewels is a gentle design; an easy rug to place and live with, she is soft, warm and shares an uplifting story.

Floral Jewels is the latest hand-knotted wool & silk rug to be added to our collection. Her story is filled with uplifting symbolism

A story of uplifting symbolism

Floral Jewels features wild cranes etched in gold soaring above colourful peonies and chrysanthemums. Throughout East Asian culture, cranes are a symbol of happiness, good luck, long life and marital bliss.

Rounded, full-bloom peonies represent power, wealth and beauty, and are regarded as a symbol of good fortune and a happy relationship. The chrysanthemum signifies life and rebirth, happiness and vitality. Together, Floral Jewels has an uplifting, life-affirming story to share.

Fresh green and bold turquoise combine with pinks, corals and red, with a sprinkling of orange and yellow, grounded on a gold jewel-like base. The cranes and a slim border shimmer in lilac silk. A complex design, resembling droplets of fine gold, creates a delicate backdrop, weaving colour and pattern, stories and inspirations together.

Her neutral base allows the beautiful colourful, silk details to to shine

How Floral Jewels came together

‘The jewel backdrop had been in my head for a while,’ Wendy explains. ‘I liked this idea as a grounding neutral and I knew the level of finesse possible with the hand-knotting technique would make this a rather special backdrop to a sprinkling of colourful florals.

‘Although a bold mix of colour, Floral Jewels is very gentle, which perhaps lends her particularly well to a bedroom setting,’ Wendy says, ‘although she would work equally well in a light, bright, sunny lounge. She is a particularly easy rug to place because of her gentle, neutral backdrop, with just enough colour and pattern to add interest.

‘When placing her at home, she would connect nicely with anything with a highlight of lilac,’ Wendy says. ‘From our collection, Eternal Toile, with her lilac accents and rich gold motifs, would work well. Joie de Vivre would also work in either wall décor or as curtain panels,’ Wendy adds.

Floral Jewels sitting along side the hand-tufted design that she went on to inspire, Kimono Gold

Heart of gold

Floral Jewels is just one of our designs to feature gold at her heart. Pieces with a touch of gold are a wonderful way to introduce warm, light touches into our homes.  Gold has long been a favourite as a neutral in Wendy’s designs. It is a colour that sits well amongst others but still stands out, adding luxury, elegance and balance to complex designs.

Kimono Gold

Hand-tufted Kimono Gold features glorious cranes in flight above peonies and chrysanthemums against a bold striped gold background. The striped base is a warm, tonal gold and white, which allows a sprinkling of Chinoiserie style in a gorgeous spectrum of red, orange, pink, blue, green, yellow and lilac to stand out and lift the spirits.

Kimono Gold was the result of a hand-tufted development of Floral Jewels, which lacked the desired intricacies and finesse that hand-knotting allows. Wendy then layered the floral and crane motifs of Floral Jewels upon a rich, gold, stripe base and Kimono Gold was born. A fabulous feelgood design.

Possibly the goldest rug within our collection, Kimono Gold's bold stripes will add warmth to any room

Chinese Garden of Virtue Runner

Our newest runner - you can read all about the versatility of runners in previous journal post here - Chinese Garden of Virtue features the symbolic four Chinese flowers of virtue, Plum Blossom, Bamboo, Orchid and Chrysanthemum with a gentle colour palette cocooned in a warm gold border.

Our new Chinese Garden of Virtue Runner's design is cocooned in a warm gold border


Favourite neutral gold combines with black, violet and warm white in contemplative hand-knotted heirloom rug Solace. The minimal colour palette is teamed with an incredibly detailed design - beautifully brought to life using the centuries-old weaving technique of hand-knotting. Excitingly, Solace Wallpaper is in development and coming soon to bring the same elegant, luxurious finish to walls as well as floors.

Solace, a luxurious combination of gold, black, violet on a base of warm white

Eternal Toile

Full of symbolism using motifs that represent a long and happy life, our Eternal Toile design has a simple colour palette of black, gold and warm white, paired with lilac, a colour that represents spirituality, happiness and tranquillity. This elegant, luxurious design works beautifully on floors, but has equal impact as a wall covering, cushion and wallpaper: surround yourself with her uplifting spirit.

Our Eternal Toile Design is full of symbolism using motifs that represent a long and happy life. The collection comprises of our han-knotted wool & silk rug, wallpaper, hand-embroidered wall-hanging, fabric and our beautiful cushions.


New design, the award-winning Talisman, a glorious wool and silk hand-knotted Nepalese rug, features symbolic motifs, including a pair of colourful dragons, bold and playful amongst gold ombre clouds, which represent peace, happiness and good luck. Full of joyful colour and a sense of hope, she is sure to raise a smile.

Our award winning Talisman features beautiful gold ombre clouds

Leopard Gold

Hand-tufted rug Leopard Gold features a shimmering gold leopard at her heart. Simple, elegant and luxurious, her shimmering gold markings feel alive, filled with light, power and strength. She is a gentle beauty that will always turn heads.

Our Leopard Gold hand-tufted rugs soaking up the sun, which highlights her gold details perfectly

Pink Moon

Finding inspiration in powerful, peaceful symbols in Buddhism, hand-knotted rug Pink Moon features wild, gold-etched cranes soaring across a softly shimmering pink ombre moon, which symbolises rebirth and renewal. Motifs are set against a monochrome, patterned backdrop, and protected by a bold black and white border. A beautiful focal point, Pink Moon brings light and life to your floor.

The soaring gold cranes in our Pink Moon hand-knotted wool & silk rug sit amongst a backdrop of black, white and pink

Top tips for using gold at home

‘I find gold an easy colour to work with,’ explains Wendy. ‘She is neutrally grounding, and can ground the brightest of colours in a beautiful, rich way. Gold is the perfect way to create balance without losing a sense of drama, luxury and glamour.

‘I use gold a lot in my own home decor. Gold is always guaranteed to add warmth and richness. If you are unsure about using gold but keen to give it a go, try it first in accent pieces, such as cushion covers, picture frames, wall coverings or even electrical sockets.

You’ll soon see the richness it creates and, before you know it, you’ll be ordering a gold velvet sofa!

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