Tiger Florals Mood Board

Tiger Florals Mood Board

Tiger Florals mood board by Wendy Morrison

Our interiors allow us to be creative, to express ourselves through a careful selection of pieces that appeal to our senses.

At Wendy Morrison Design, we truly believe that our personal spaces should bring us joy – with colours, textures and patterns that we can connect with. We handcraft our rugs with the aim of forging that connection, to create a piece of luxury that is inspired by the world around us and removed from the everyday.

Building on this desire to experiment with patterns and materials, our Creative Director, Wendy has produced this beautiful mood board based on the eye-catching Tiger Florals design.

Drawing on vibrant colour and warm neutrals, the Tiger Florals mood board epitomises how expressive pattern can be paired with an indulgent muted colour palette to create a truly unique and meaningful space.

“I based this scheme around our Tiger Floral design, which is composed of a warm sand and black base with floral details around the perimeter in shades of pink.” – Wendy Morrison

Elegant Neutrals

A neutral colour palette offers a calm and tranquil ambience and is a faultless starting point for spaces looking to achieve understated luxury with ease. When paired with plush fabrics, intricate patterns and nature-inspired motifs, this peaceful colourway will evoke an elegant yet decadent feel.

Tiger Florals radiates exotic glamour, taking influence from Wendy’s travels afar. Tiger stripes can often be seen as quite masculine, but when surrounded by a decorative sprinkling of pink floral details as in this instance, the femininity of this one-of-a-kind design is able to truly shine through.To celebrate this unique design, Wendy has handpicked a selection of complementary pieces.

Inspired by Chinese Toile, Wendy loves the neutral colourway of this Cole & Son wallpaper, with its stunning repeat pattern and oriental influences – this wallpaper correlates with our very own design influences.

Cole & Son, Chinese Toile Wallpaper from Chairish.com

Or, for a marble-inspired backdrop in milky grey – we chose to include the below wallpaper, where dreamy swirls capture the true essence of marble.

Schumacher Romeo Wallpaper in Carrara from Chairish.com

There are endless wallpaper designs to choose from and never enough walls in the home, therefore we would always encourage you to frame a small section of a print as a painting.

We love this wallpaper by Casa Cosima; it exudes jungle luxury and would seamlessly complement one of our nature-inspired rugs.

Casa Cosima Shadow Jacinda Wallpaper Mural from Chairish.com

Colourful Accents

Our designs are heavily influenced by maximalism and we enjoy experimenting with pops of vivid colour, whilst looking at the way certain colours effect our emotions and wellbeing.

For example, pink, the calm and tranquil shade is often associated with romance and has also been found to relieve stress.

Wendy discovered this elegant sofa from Anthropologie in a sumptuous coral pink, its cocoon shape is comforting and promises to safely encase you in warmth.

The Vera Sofa from Anthropologie

For the more classically styled home – Wendy adores the simplicity of the white Edward Wormley sofa. To style this, she would suggest experimenting with playful textiles and colourful cushions to add interesting texture.

Edward Wormley Sofa available from Chairish.com

A Finishing Touch

Don’t forget to focus on the small details, which can really help to set the scene!

Whilst creating this board, Wendy came across a collection of beautiful cushions from Susi Bellamy to add vibrancy and colour.

Just as with our own luxury rug designs, the below cushion is influenced by nature. We were drawn to the exquisite feathered colourful marbling and striking bird motif and feel this is the perfect way to bring the beauty of the outdoors in.

Bird and Rose Collage Velvet Cushion from Susi Bellamy

Or perhaps you would prefer the peacock-inspired design? This luxury fringed cushion remains in keeping with the coral pinks, with its interesting swirls of colour that draw in the eye.

Ruched Peacock Bouquet Square Cushion from Susi Bellamy

We are passionate about the world around us and look to capture the essence of the natural world within our own creations, so it was no surprise that Wendy couldn’t resist including this stunning Schumacher Indian Arbre fabric.

This botanical-inspired textile epitomises spring with its thoughtful interpretation of the outdoors, we love the way the creator has captured the pink petals and would use this exquisite fabric as a window covering.

Schumacher Indian Arbre fabric from Chairish.com

Characterised by its warm and comforting palette and use of expressive pattern, the Tiger Florals mood board is extremely versatile and would work in harmony with many of our handcrafted rugs. With its vivid pink chrysanthemums and lush green leaf detailing, our Zebra Floral design will for example, add a pop of vibrant colour to this elegant composition.

Zebra Florals mood board by Wendy Morrison

Discover more about our illustrious Tiger Florals rug and the story behind its unique creation by reading our dedicated journal post.

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