The positive power of colour

The positive power of colour

Theories about colour and its effect on mood and behaviour have been around for centuries. In ancient Egypt, Greece and China, colour has been used in medicinal ways since 2000 BC.

In the 19th century, German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe published his book, Theory of Colours, explaining his beliefs on the psychological nature of colour. Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung is widely associated with colour psychology in the 20th century.

Colour has intrigued generations and it is an ongoing fascination here at Wendy Morrison, playing a key role in every design. From neutrals to multi-coloured rugs, runners and wallcoverings, colour has the ability to create a positive effect on mood and atmosphere.

Our beautiful Arc en Ciel collection

Shades of emotion

‘Colour instantly creates particular feelings or emotions for me,’ Wendy explains, ‘I love how it has the power to do so. I do feel you are drawn to certain colours at different phases of your life. Green is a colour I am always drawn to, and green and pink might be a favourite combination, but I do love all colours, they all have a special place and stir a certain feeling.

‘The yellow in our Birdsong Yellow rug instantly makes me smile, for example, especially with her sparkling pink Tencel border detail. This colour combination was certainly one I was particularly drawn to at the time she was created. I always think of yellow for contentment and pink for love.

Our beautiful Birdsong Yellow always puts a smile on our face with her vibrant base

‘I also love pink and red together, which can be found in hand-tufted rug Peace, Love and Joy. Again, I was particularly drawn to this combination at the time she was created: pink for love and red for vitality.

‘I could not resist adding a little pink into hand-tufted rug Good Fortune, which is composed mostly of a beautiful rich magenta red. My love of lilac and green can be seen in Love Birds. It is little moments like these that can make me feel quite giddy when pulling a design together.

Wendy love of the colour combination lilac and green is perfectly demonstrated in our Love Birds Lilac rug

The heart of our designs

‘Colour has a huge impact on my design process. Most recently, I have found myself drawn to lilac, and currently one of my favourite colour combinations to wear is lilac and royal blue, a pairing I’m sure you will see in a rug very soon!

‘Colour is often one of the major starting points for me with a new design, which is certainly the case with many of my rugs, along with her story.

‘Multi-colour, herringbone-pattern Shanghai Blossom was all about a celebration of colour, but I did wonder if she might be too much for some people. Although I didn't change her, I did create an alternative using only pink and navy, which had the lovely result of creating quite a different Art Deco feel. I am delighted that Shanghai Blossom has proved to be one of our most popular designs.

Shanghai Blossom provides time and time to be one of our most popular designs!

‘In my own home, I have used green in the bedroom, which always creates a feeling of calm and peace. Our house has black woodwork throughout, along with a sprinkling of colour. I always feel the black has a grounding quality while it is the colour that lifts and inspires. In our snug, it is the grounding gold details and highlights in lilac of Eternal Toile that I find very uplifting.’

Eternal Toile is the chosen design for Wendy's snug at home

Our colourful collection

We’ve put a few of our colourful favourites together in the hope that these combinations might inspire you when it comes to introducing colour to your home.


Available in yellow, jade or black, our beautiful Birdsong creates a sense of understated luxury. Exotic birds, and stunning magnolia, orchid and chrysanthemum - all powerfully symbolic flowers in Far Eastern culture - stand out in joyful colour against each individual backdrop.

Our Birdsong design comes in three base colours including a very calming jade

Arc en Ciel

Wendy’s love of and need for colour shine through in this vibrant design, which is bright, beautiful and tells a joyful story of hope. Designed during lockdown, the hand-knotted wool and silk rug is brimming with hope, positivity and optimism. The vibrant shades are as uplifting as it is possible to be. There is also a lovely story of inspiration behind this rainbow rug, bringing together two of Wendy’s passions - Japanese dress, particularly the kimono, and the power of colour.

Our vibrant Arc en Ciel collection was designed by Wendy telling a joyful story of hope

Peace, Love and Joy

Inspired by the works of renowned Art Deco-era rug designer Walter Nichols, who was known for bold pattern and bright colour, Peace, Love and Joy shimmers with life in pink, red, white, gold and green. Exuberant and life-enhancing, you can’t help but smile at her.

Pink and red will always be a favourite colour combination with our Peace, Love & Joy

Jardin de Orient

A gold frame, Chinoiserie influences, bright, colourful birds and gorgeous gold floral silhouettes, combine in the wonderful Jardin de Orient with three individual colour backdrops - green, pink and black - which all create a dramatically different look and feel. Look out for an ivory version coming very soon!

Jardin de Orient Pink and Gold


With a design of exotic birds, peony roses in full bloom and pretty pink blossom, Nurture is playful, joyful and uplifting in equal measure. With backdrops ranging from green, light and black, the new Nurture Light and Dark wallpaper borders add a fresh twist to cocooning your home in colour.

Nurture Green sitting perfectly with our Mandela wallpaper

Love Birds

A sun-kissed tree is home to a pair of colourful love birds sitting amongst gold-etched leaves, which shimmer against either a soft green or lilac backdrop. The pink and yellow of the birds work equally well against both green and lilac, but each does have her own personality and creates her own unique mood.

Love Birds Green is a design that requires you to slow down and take time to appreciate every detail

Flowers of Virtue

In Chinese culture, plum blossom, chrysanthemum, orchid and bamboo motifs represent purity, integrity, modesty and strength. In Flowers of Virtue, colourful blooms stand out in unique ways against backdrops of dramatic Graphite or soothing Opal Blue.

Our Flowers of Virtue Sardinian pink runner seen here with our Eternal Toile wallpaper, Phoenix Black velvet fabric and Eternal Toile hand-embroidered wall hanging (seen as a bed cover)


Full of motifs for a long and happy life, including soaring gold-etched cranes which represent happiness, good fortune and longevity, Eternity tells a positive, uplifting story in a Light and Dark colourway. Each is equally dramatic in her own special way.

Eternity Light is full of motifs for a long and happy life

One Hundred Birds and One Hundred Flowers

Bursting with colour, the delicacy of the birds and animal motifs, depicted living happily together, perfectly balances this intricate, uplifting design. Reds, pinks, orange, lilac, aqua, greens, blues, yellow and gold co-exist in perfect harmony in a design that feels like stepping into a magical garden.

One Hundred Birds and One Hundred Flowers, full of life, hope and vitality and colour

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