The magic of monochrome

The magic of monochrome

Wendy Morrison is well known for her love of colour, as well as her fearless use of it in her beautiful rug designs. But there is a flip side to full-blown colour that brings just as much joy and has just as much impact – monochrome with a splash of colour.

Using monochrome can simplify complex or particularly busy designs and the impact is always striking. Black and white together make lines, edges and geometric details stand out, creating a wonderful contrast and mesmerising design.

A splash of colour

For Wendy, working with monochrome and adding a splash of colour is the perfect combination. ‘I’m currently finding it rather grounding when it comes to using monochrome in my designs,’ she explains. ‘It offers a wonderful base with great impact, but I find it difficult not to add colour.

‘Monochrome works perfectly on the floor and offers a good solid backdrop for a sprinkling of colour. It also creates the perfect base for including colours you love, allowing the splash of colour to add contrast and definition. The result looks stylish and sophisticated, and it is very easy to use in the home because monochrome works well with pretty much everything.’

Add instant glamour

Choosing a monochrome-based rug can simplify interior design decisions that might otherwise prove tricky; it removes the issue of colours not working together or indecision about what colours to choose. Black and white is incredibly easy to place in the home and work around, creating instant impact, while a splash of colour elevates the design, further enhancing the glamour credentials of monochrome. Our previous journal, Glamour in the Home, highlights how to create spaces that are interesting and inspiring, and features several monochrome-base rugs.

Bring the outside in

Stylish, sophisticated and glamorous, many of our monochrome-base rugs feature a splash of colour in the form of plant, bird or animal life. Bringing nature and the connectivity we feel to the outside world into her work are key elements of Wendy’s designs, which are beautifully highlighted in this style of rug. We also talk about the impact of biophilic design and bringing nature into the home in our previous journal, Following a Natural Path.

If you ever thought a simple black and white base could be anything less than luxurious, glamorous and exciting, take a look at our fabulous suggestions below showing the magic of monochrome with a splash of colour.

Kimono Noir

Inspired by the artistry of the Japanese kimono, new rug Kimono Noir features a monochrome base, which is beautifully grounding. The black and white monochrome on the base allows the red, yellow, pink, lilac, blue and green of chrysanthemums and peony roses to leap out in full bloom. Gold-etched cranes and the glorious colours combine to add a feminine touch to this bold, graphic design. The colours used are all a sprinkling of Wendy’s favourites.

Pink Moon

Drawing inspiration from symbols in Buddhism, the pinks and golds of Pink Moon shimmer and shine against a dramatic monochrome backdrop. Gold-etched cranes take flight across a pink moon emerging from the geometric black and white pattern. Black and white continues in a distinctive monochrome border, The simplicity of the colours used enhance the bold, complex pattern, making this rug a perfect fit for any setting.

Zebra Florals

Monochrome zebra stripes create an exotic backdrop to glorious pink chrysanthemums with dark green leaves, both etched with gold to highlight every detail. The impact is stunning, with the geometric monochrome pattern seen before replaced by a softer, more fluid design here. Again, the neutral aspect of monochrome makes this an easy rug to place in all styles of room.

Zebra Waltz

This vivid, exotic square rug features beautiful dancing zebras amongst lush florals and greenery. Zebra Waltz Pink is encased in a gentle, elegant pink border, while Zebra Waltz Black has a striking black border. The monochrome here is seen in the motifs, rather than a patterned backdrop, and adds a new element; it still grounds the other colours around it, but also plays a central role, drawing attention, telling a story and making its own statement.

Dreams of the Jungle

This hand-tufted wool and Tencel rug was inspired by a trip to the Indian jungle. The monochrome base allows the gold, blue, pink and yellow of the tiger, birds and lotus flowers to leap out and grab your attention, surprising you, much as they might in their natural setting. The complex design is made easy to place by the simple elegance of the colours used.

Cheetah Florals

In a similar style to Leopard Florals, our charming new Cheetah Florals features a leopard print border encasing a black and white leopard print with a clutch of pink, red, gold and green florals at its heart. Peonies, lotus flowers and chrysanthemums soften the square edges along with the light pink frame in this new addition to our collection of classic neutral rugs.

With all of our designs, the aim is to create a luxurious, long-lasting rug that will enhance your home, life and living space. Whether you love all-out colour or just a splash, we have a collection that celebrates the joy of both.

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