The Longevity Rug Story

The Longevity Rug Story

If we could add a touch of gold to everything, we’d be quite happy. Gold reminds us of decadence and glamour. Our Longevity designer rug marries soft golds, pinks, black and warm neutrals in perfect harmony. A rug for all seasons, its creation began with the Chinese symbols of longevity in mind.

Looking at world cultures for inspiration is innate to our Creative Director, Wendy Morrison’s design process. There’s an abundance of cultural symbols and meanings to each rug design, and Longevity is no different. Every rug has a story.

A long, healthy and prosperous life is one of the highest goals of humanity, particularly in Chinese mythology. So, Wendy incorporated some of the most influential Chinese symbols of longevity into our namesake rug.

It’s a fascinating journey into what makes the Longevity rug meaningful and special. Let’s begin with the beautiful gold deer in the design:


Strong, defiant and graceful, deer are elegantly depicted in a warm gold colour. Known for their endurance and long life in Chinese culture, deer also have a dual-meaning; representing both prosperity and long life. Even the word for deer in Chinese, lu, translates to mean income. There are two majestic deer in our Longevity rug, acting as a constant reminder that better times lie ahead.

The Longevity rug in close-up detail


A symbol of happiness and eternal youth, the crane has a fabled life span of a thousand years in Japanese, Chinese and Korean cultures. Known as the ‘heavenly crane’ and the bird of immortality, it represents good fortune, longevity, power and wisdom. Along with the Phoenix, the crane is the most favoured bird to bring good fortune.

When two cranes are depicted together, it is the ultimate symbol of longevity. That’s why there’s a pair of gold and black-tipped cranes in flight adorning our Longevity rug. Not forgetting, that the crane’s natural smoothness of flight, can represent harmony and happiness in your home.


Think clouds would bring bad luck? No chance. They are considered to be so lucky in Chinese culture that they’re featured heavily in pictures and symbolism. Clouds are the heavenly form of water, drifting with freedom and without care. The link to good luck is likely because they bring much needed rain to water the crops. Enjoy stepping out of bed onto soft clouds with the Longevity rug.

Longevity rug in the bedroom

The Sun

Representing a warming energy and beaming source of light, the Sun is highlighted in gold tones in Longevity. The sun nourishes life and represents a consistent source of light, in contrast to the ever-changing moon.

Pine trees

Showing steadfastness and endurance in the harshest of winters, pine trees are far from fragile. To honour this, the Chinese made them a popular symbol of long life. This tree is often seen in Chinese art with other longevity symbols, such as the peach, the God Sau, deer, and notably, it gets a mention in the tales of the Eight Immortals.

To have pine trees on your property is believed to be highly auspicious in Chinese mythology. Look after them and they will bring assurance of a long happy life to you and all who live with you.

In our Longevity handmade rug, the steadfast pine tree branches make way to a flurry of delicate pink colour atop, giving a feminine, graceful feel.

Longevity complete design


Sacred in Chinese mythology, mountains are thought to be supreme manifestations of earth’s power and nature’s vital energy (qi). Mountains attract the rain clouds that water farmer’s crops and hold the promise of longevity, as they are believed to conceal medicinal herbs, magical fruits, and alchemical minerals.

Mountains are historically a place of refuge for pilgrims, travellers, and anyone looking to escape the crowding and turmoil of urban life. Sometimes called ‘cave heavens’, they’ve been viewed as a gateway to other realms.

Mountains complete the symbolism in the Longevity rug. By now, you should know this is no ordinary rug. It’s abundant with meanings and hope. Hope for good times, long life and prosperity. We’re in, are you?

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