The Beauty of Imperfection / Perfect Imperfection within Handmade Rugs

The Beauty of Imperfection / Perfect Imperfection within Handmade Rugs

The beauty of imperfection dates back to early Japanese tradition with the concept of ‘Wabi-Sabi’ – the discovery of beauty within imperfection, impermanence or the incomplete. Celebrating individuality within the handcrafted, irregular and imperfect, Wabi-Sabi has correlation with our very own luxury, artisan rugs.

Every handcrafted rug from Wendy Morrison Design has its own unique charm – the raw handmade quality and story behind each and every piece means that any difference or variation in design only adds to the exquisite visual appeal.

Handcrafted with Passion

Handcrafted by master weavers in India and Nepal, we choose to work with skilled craftsman who are clearly passionate about their work, with many devoting their time between traditional textile making and working the land.

Anju making Leopard Palms Dark

Yet, although passionate about their craft, to bring these beautiful designs to life without small discrepancy is uncommon – with each design comprised of intricate line work and the use of many delicate elements, even the most experienced of artisans is unlikely to achieve perfect uniformity every single time.

It’s these slight irregularities that add to the allure of Wendy’s rugs and contribute to our very own interpretation of Wabi-Sabi; finding imperfect beauty within our handmade rugs.

Imperfect Detail

From the strong motion of the hand-held gun, to the fluid weaving of our hand-knotted styles – the design journey of our rugs is complex and requires exceptional attention to detail and a very steady hand in order to achieve the high-level finish that Wendy strives for.

Every individual stitch, knot or tuft is completed with care; a quality that cannot be replicated with machine-made alternatives. Our unique differences are what evoke the true beauty within our rugs and their artistic construction is what leads to their humble and timeless feel.

Our Floral Waves Rug is a stunning instance of perfect imperfection, with its precise line work and continual repeat pattern. Its meticulous construction is something of an art form, requiring skill to allow the true essence of Wendy’s original design to take shape.

Floral Waves Blue

Adventurous Design

Zebra Leopard Palms

Wendy takes great care when designing her rugs, to make sure every element is carefully thought-out. For example, Eternal Toile, was inspired by Oriental Symbolism and combined with Wendy’s own love for storytelling which we discussed in depth in our previous journal.

Wendy also takes influence from the natural world and is adventurous with her designs, imagining maximalist styles that feature exotic birdlife and vivid colour, as seen in our Birdsong rug.


The combination of both traditional methods of rug making with our deeply intricate designs, results in a rug so stunning that any slight difference or variation is something to be celebrated. Our rugs embody perfect imperfection and we take pride in these irregularities, as it’s what makes a Wendy Morrison Rug truly one of a kind.

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