The art of the 'faff'

The art of the 'faff'

Faffing is one of our favourite things at Wendy Morrison Design. It is a simple, creative process that allows us to find something fresh, new and inspiring, while having fun at the same time, which is always important.

We love the idea of playing around with ideas and inventiveness to find something that truly feels like ‘us’, that makes us feel our home is a nurturing, restorative space; a place that makes us happy and brings joy.

Wendy faffing at home with Love Birds Lilac

Wendy’s love of faffing has become an Instagram favourite. If you haven’t taken the time to enjoy a good faff before, or are looking for fresh inspiration, our ‘chief faffer’ Wendy has a few tips on how she does it and why she loves it.

‘I start with the rug and her location,’ Wendy explains. ‘I try to connect with the colours and what I feel is right for a space. I consider the light and position - how does the light change throughout the day, how much light is there, how different will the rug look in daylight and in evening light?


The striking Love Birds Green

‘We talk about the power of colour in previous journal, Looking Ahead, and how colour is closely linked to our state of mind. I am always aware of how colour makes me feel, so it’s a great starting point for creating a look at home that makes you happy.

‘The design of the rug is important to me, depending on what is going on within the rug and the story she has to tell too. I love creating nice spaces to be in and am constantly faffing at home, freshening things up, moving furniture and accessories, and getting a feel for what works.

‘From a work point of view, it is great to share different looks and styling ideas, and show how to pull things together on Instagram and our website, but on a purely personal level, having a good faff is a real pleasure. I enjoy the process and love the feeling when it all comes together.

Wendy faffing at home with Love Birds Green

‘I always use music to help me faff, it adds to the joy. It can be inspiring to get moving - it is always important to get a little dance in! The music is always evolving, adding to different moods and emotions. As I prepare a playlist, I sense the similarities with building a mood board, layering the colours, tempo and moods.

‘I love starting off with a little Latin music. I get lots of musical inspiration from BBC6 Music, with presenters such as Gilles Peterson - I love it if I manage to time a faff on a Saturday afternoon with Gilles - Cerys Matthews has a great eclectic mix of world music on her Sunday morning show and Tom Ravenscroft always gets me moving.

‘To help get you started, I’ve created a special Spotify Playlist with faffing in mind that I hope you enjoy.’


Some pretty detail with our Phoenix cushion

For anyone keen to switch things up but feel unsure about experimenting or knowing where to start, Wendy has a few failsafe tips.

‘Plants are always good to have, they help soften a space but also add richness. I have a cupboard full of cushions, which are great for the little accent of colour that might be needed to lift a space. For inspiration, any shoes or clothes you love are also good to have on hand, these are generally a big influence on styles and colours you like, and can complement your space.

‘Don’t be afraid of design detail - embrace maximalist style and use it as simply as you like or mix patterns and colours to find something new you love. Use a grounding pattern or colour to help with layers and connections between different objects. Our previous journal, Rugs - the Natural Starting Point for Design, shares ideas on how to build an entire room starting with a wonderful rug. I always get a little giddy, excited feeling as things come together - just as I do when working on a new design.

‘Our hand-embroidered crewel cushions are a wonderful way to add a touch of luxury, colour and glamour. I’ve found I can use pretty much any designs together, perhaps because they all stem from the same design source. It is lovely to have our new crewel wall hangings, fabrics and cushions as part of the design mix – accessories add that stamp of personality and allow you to make a space truly your own.

The finished faff

‘Don’t forget the power of a statement piece, which can sometimes be a starting point. Quite often a new-found treasure, such as a lamp or vase, can be the inspiration for a little faffing that results in a fresh new look. The big statement vases featured in our reel are fantastic for colour inspiration.

‘When I am working on inspirational images for Instagram or Pinterest, sometimes a few little ‘life’ additions, such as a pretty cup, a pair of shoes, or a garment draped, can bring everything together and create that ‘giddy’ feeling!’

Faffing is all about having fun with interiors - move accessories, try different combinations of colours, patterns and textures, mix shapes and sizes to find something that makes you feel good - which is exactly what it’s all about. And enjoy the music!

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