Taking time to reflect on 2022

Taking time to reflect on 2022

It is fair to say we’ve had a busy year. It has been a time of finding and celebrating joy in our homes, lives and everyday activities. The power of colour, nature and the world around us, our connection with one another, and the importance of balance in life, have all influenced lovingly, hand-crafted designs that we hope make you smile. Here are a few of our highlights - new additions to the Wendy Morrison Design family.

Eternal Toile extras

We started the year with the launch of our Eternal Toile Crewel Embroidery Cushion cover. Working with artisans in Kashmir helps us share this ancient and beautiful embroidery technique with a new audience. Skilled needlework results in a luxurious, embossed effect that feels as soft as silk and brings incredible depth to colour and pattern. Crewel embroidered cushions are a wonderful way to add softness, elegance and glamour to a space.

The collection also grew with the addition of a beautiful hand-embroidered Eternal Toile Crewel Wall Hanging. Composed of symbols for a long and happy life, this versatile piece works as wall art, as well as a luxurious bedspread or sofa throw.

Our Eternal Toile collection, which already included our hand-knotted rug and wallpaper , was joined by the wonderful additions of our Eternal Toile cushions and wall-hanging this year

New to Phoenix

Our glorious Phoenix Green hand-knotted wool and silk rug launched; inspired by the intricate embroidery of Japanese kimonos, this beautiful green colourway of our Phoenix Black design also features the magical, mythical bird at her heart, representing the cyclical nature of life. Phoenix Green offers a softer, more grounding and calming version of this dramatic design, she also compliments our wallpaper offering in this design too.

Phoenix Velvet fabric also took flight, the tactile material design is full of drama, power and life. There is also a Phoenix Crewel Embroidery Cushion available; a beautifully luxurious design that perfectly suits the intricate nature of crewel embroidery.

The Phoenix Hand-Embroidered Crewel Wall-Hanging further enhances the dramatic Phoenix collection. As a wall-hanging, the story of life, rebirth and renewal at the heart of this rug design can be appreciated in a fresh, new way.

Our fabulous Phoenix rug, was reborn in a beautiful green colourway. She works perfectly alongside our Phoenix black velvet fabric and Phoenix hand-embroidered cushions.

Sharing Joie de Vivre

The Joie de Vivre collection grew with the addition of linen and viscose fabric. Shimmering detail and elegant colours share the story of the importance of humans’ connection with the natural world. Nature and connectivity are important to us in our lives as well as our work, and we feel Joie de Vivre encompasses that connection.

The full Joie de Vivre collection; our hand-knotted wool and silk rug, wallpaper and the newest addition, our fabric panels

Uplifting Arc en Ciel

Based on our inspirational rainbow rug Arc en Ciel, a new wall hanging and Arc en Ciel Crewel Embroidered Cushion joined the collection. Wendy’s love of colour shines through in this bright, beautiful, joyful design. A response to the pandemic and born during lockdown, this uplifting design is full of hope and positivity.

Our bold and colourful Arc en Ciel hand-knotted wool & silk rug was reimagined by Wendy into a hand-embroidered wall hanging, which also works perfectly draped over your bed. Seen here with our Arc en Ciel fabric headboard and hand embroidered cushions.

Floor developments

Our Birdsong Yellow hand-tufted runner, which is made to order in custom sizes, brought a splash of sunshine to floors. Bright, exotic birds and stunning blooms combine in a joyful celebration of colour, bringing a vivid, uplifting nod to nature into homes.

Our Birdsong Yellow Runner was a welcome and colourful addition to our runner collection

New rug Nurture, in green and light colourways, was also introduced. The hand-tufted design features exotic birds and blooming peonies in a positive story of new growth and harmonious living. An uplifting, hopeful design made to bring joy to homes.

Nurture Green sits beautifully with our Mandela wallpaper

New Love Birds hand-tufted rug, in green and lilac colourways, highlights the importance of nature and humankind’s connection to the world around us. Although the same design, each colourway creates a completely different mood, feel and tone, showing the power and impact colour can have.

Lovebirds Lilac works in harmony with our Joie de Vivre wallpaper panels both sharing a colour palette of soft green and gentle lilac.

Inspired by a breath-taking pair of Japanese hanging scrolls, which feature diverse birds and animals living together in peace and harmony, life-affirming hand-knotted wool and silk rug, One Hundred Birds, One Hundred Flowers, launched. Wendy’s design combines symbols for luck, harmony, peace and prosperity in a finely-balanced collection of elegant, playful, colours.

One Hundred Birds, One Hundred Flowers with our Arc en Ciel hand-embroidered crewel, Joie de Vivre wallpaper and Arc en Ciel fabric headboard

Reflective and contemplative, the new hand-knotted wool and silk rug Solace is a gorgeous heritage piece. Our final product launch of the year, she is an elegant combination of gold, black, violet - the colour of imagination and spirituality - and warm white. Although a complex design inspired by embroidery, the inclusion of gold makes this an easy rug to place, bringing interest and luxury to interiors without fighting for attention.

Solace is a design born from the need for contemplation, an elegant building block to create a soothing space for taking time out and personal reflection. The beautiful cranes in flight signify opening our gaze to a wider world, which feels apt as the year ends and we prepare to embark on a new one.

As we come to the end of 2022, we're left thinking about what is to come in 2023...

Our newest hand-knotted wool and silk rug, Solace provided us with a very lovely moment of calm to end the year

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