Take a walk on the wild side

Take a walk on the wild side

With her lifelong love of the natural world, it is no surprise that Wendy Morrison takes inspiration from the animal kingdom for many of her handcrafted rug designs.

Cheetahs, zebras, tigers, leopards, deer and monkeys roam free across shimmering, colourful backdrops. Glamorous yet playful, the beauty of wild creatures is brought to life, each rug telling a different story and adding an exotic element to interiors.

‘It is fair to say, I have always felt that humans could learn a lot from animals,’ Wendy explains. ‘I’ve always been drawn to nature and the animal kingdom, the way creatures co-exist, their beauty and natural grace. I love seeing animals in their natural environment, it is a constant source of joy and inspiration.

‘One of the best experiences I’ve had was a family trip on safari in the Indian jungle. Seeing the natural beauty and elegance of the wild creatures around us will always stay with me. An amazing adventure, it sparked ideas for so many of my rug designs. Animals and the natural world will always inspire me, it’s simply something I feel fascinated by and at ease with.

Much used and loved in fashion, animal prints and motifs add a sense of adventure, fun and glamour to interiors too. Forget any misconceptions about animal décor dominating a space, used in the right way, it creates a focal point, draws the eye and enhances a room.

‘If it is something you love, don’t be afraid to use animal décor in your home,’ Wendy says. ‘It is surprisingly easy to use and a touch of the exotic creates the kind of impact that elevates a space. Pick a piece that speaks to you and build your décor around that. Rugs are the perfect way to add interest and personality without overwhelming a space.’

There is no doubt that animal décor makes a big impact and if you are unsure how it might work for you, our team of experts is always on hand to chat through options that might work best and offer advice on how to make one of our wonderfully exotic rugs work in your own home. You can read about our helpful Virtual Appointment Service here.

If you do want to take a walk on the wild side, we have a huge selection of lovingly handcrafted, wildlife-inspired designs to inspire you.

Cheetah Florals

This is a beautiful new addition to the Wendy Morrison collection. The pink cheetah print border encases black and white cheetah print with a beautiful burst of pink, red, gold and green blooms at the centre. Full of impact, the warm, neutral shades of the border make this an easy rug to place.

Tiger Florals

Exotic and eye-catching, Tiger Florals is inspired by travel and, naturally, the bold, beautiful and powerful tiger.  Black stripes complement a warm sand-coloured base and a burst of glorious pink lotus flowers. A bold design, but because it is combined with earthy, neutral tones, it adds life and character to a space, without overwhelming it.

Dreams of the Jungle

Packed full of beautiful, exotic creatures, Dreams of the Jungle takes inspiration from Wendy’s family trip to the Indian jungle. Lustrous details in black and gold Tencel stand out on a wool base, while peacock blue and lotus pink add colour to the warm, neutral backdrop. Peacocks, the Bengal Tiger, Chital Deer and Langur Monkeys bring the beauty and atmosphere of the Indian jungle to life in glorious detail. A bold design, the balanced use of colour means this is still a rug that will work in many different décor styles.

Zebra Waltz

Zebra Waltz Pink and Zebra Waltz Black are both easy ways to introduce fun, glamour and a touch of the exotic. A pair of dancing zebras set against a backdrop of luscious palms and florals, one framed in pink the other in black, offers a playful take on animal behaviour. Neutrals with a hint of colour are a fantastic way to add interest to décor schemes and you can read all about why we think this works so well in a previous journal post, The Magic of Monochrome.

Leopard Palms Dark

With the powerful, elegant, neutral-toned leopard at its heart, set against a bold, colourful backdrop of palms, orchids, lotus flowers and chrysanthemums, this animal-centred design also takes inspiration from renowned American artist Tony Duquette’s flamboyant film set interiors. A fabulous way to add glamour and personality to floors.

Leopard Gold

A stunning leopard design that combines bold imagery with neutral tones to create a head-turning rug that is still easy to place in the home. Light and bright with a gold Tencel leopard shimmering amongst butterflies and foliage, this is a statement piece that doesn’t shout but always gets noticed. Bold design that subtly makes an impact and adds something extra special to floors.

Flight of fancy

Birds also play an important role in Wendy’s designs. The birdsong she remembers from her travels to the Indian jungle was incredible and is something she will never forget. Birdlife also offers a vibrant spectrum of colour inspiration.

Birds often feature in many of Wendy’s designs, either taking centre stage or playing a supporting role. Birdsong, in three colourways, yellow, jade green and black, is a luxurious design with exotic birdlife right at its heart. Parakeets perch amongst magnolias, orchids and chrysanthemums in a vibrant display. Bright and beautiful birds similarly spring to life in Jardin de Orient, which is also available as a runner for narrower spaces. Our circular rug Okinawa, which features an elegant magnolia tree with flowers around the base, has delicate birds at her centre, drawing the eye and immediately attracting attention. Hand-knotted wool and silk rug Floral Waves features a neutral base of silk waves, which is a wonderful backdrop for bird life, flora and fauna. Available in pink and blue, Floral Waves shows off intricate design work beautifully, bringing birds in flight to life.

As always, our advice is to choose a rug design you love; something that speaks to you and will enhance your home, bringing joy every time you catch sight of it. Our rugs are designed to make you feel happy.

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