Spinning our colour wheel of joy

Spinning our colour wheel of joy

Following the recent launch of one of our most colourful new rugs Joy, we are immersing ourselves in the beauty of colour this month.

Colour is a driving force behind Wendy’s uniquely personal designs, used to share mood, emotion, ideas, and inspiration, as well as bring stories and symbolism beautifully to life. Colour is one of the most potent ways to add a little magic to interiors. We talk to Wendy about her love of colour and share five ways in which to bring colour in to your home.

‘I have always loved being surrounded by colour,’ Wendy explains, ‘There are times where I have been drawn to specific colours, particularly green. There was a moment where I could have decorated the whole house in green, albeit in different shades!

One of our most colourful collections - Arc en Ciel includes our hand-knotted wool and silk rug, crewel wall hanging (as seen on the bed), hand embroidered cushions and linen fabric. All sitting perfectly with our Phoenix Green wallpaper

‘Using colour has always come naturally to me; I love playing with colour, experimenting, trying different combinations, finding out what works for me. Generally, I lean towards more colour rather than less. I always think, ‘why waste an opportunity not to have colour!’

Colour or pattern first?

‘When I am working on a new design, it varies whether the colours or the pattern come first; it can be a mix. Quite often I am drawn to a specific colour combination, but also the design has her story to tell, which can also be told through colour; they are very much a strong partnership.

‘My love of colour extends beyond work and design too. Our home is full of colour and,  although there are days where I am comfortable wearing black, I always tend to add just a highlight of colour, perhaps in the sock or shoe.

Our Nurture Green runner adds a brilliant pop of colour under foot

‘I really feel colour has the power to influence and improve mood. When we had a run of wonderful sunny days  in June, I felt so happy amongst the high density of colour in nature; the wild flowers, trees and hedgerows were so intensely joyful, it made me very happy indeed.’

Five ways to add colour to your home

When it comes to introducing more colour to your home, there are five key additions with instant impact. Colour underfoot is an obvious one - a statement rug immediately draws the eye and sets the tone for the surrounding space. Colours from the rug can be used as accent tones, either in paint shades or accessories, throughout the room, drawing a décor scheme together. If you already enjoy living with colour, consider teaming a rug with a bold feature wall, either wallpaper, panels, or a border. And if you are keen to fully embrace maximalist style, opt for Wendy Morrison designs on the floor, walls and as accessories - the carefully curated colour palette will always produce a harmonious result.

Our newest design Joy introduces happy shades of blues, pinks, lilacs, greens, and golds in a geometric border and motifs displayed on a pale, central backdrop.

1. Colour underfoot

Our newest rug Joy introduces happy shades of blues, pinks, lilacs, greens, and golds in a geometric border and motifs displayed on a pale, central backdrop. The border colours work beautifully together, encasing the colourful motifs at the centre to draw the eye and create depth, as a frame does to a picture.

Birdsong Yellow is full of happiness-inducing yellow and pops of vibrant pinks, blues, and greens; wonderfully feelgood, she has the same uplifting effect as a welcoming warming ray of sunshine. One way to instantly brighten a space.

Birdsong Yellow, full of happiness is wonderful along side our Nurture Light Wallpaper border

Colour at its most elegant can be found in Chinese Garden of Virtue. A neutral soft grey base grounds delicate birds, flowers and foliage in pinks, greens and blues with a gold border adding warmth and depth. This is a gentle approach to colour and one that is incredibly effective for enhancing restorative spaces.

Chinese Garden of Virtue portrays colour in the most elegant fashion, with her neutral, gentle grey base the delicate birds, flowers and foliage are all allowed to live in harmony.

Shanghai Blossom takes a bolder approach to colour that is also reflected in her geometric Art Deco influences. She offers a deeper feeling for colour, with gold grounding blocks of pink, red, green, blue and black.

In a recent faffing session we styled our Shanghai Blossom design as a stair runner. We absolutely love the impact she has especially against the dark floor!

Eternity Dark offers yet another diverse colour option. Her bold black central backdrop allows pinks, greens, lilac, aqua, yellow and golds to spring to life, framed by a gold border which in turn is encased within a light lilac surround with colourful, trailing flowers and foliage spilling over the edges. It is a captivating way to play with light and dark.

Eternity Dark and our Eternal Toile wallpaper offer a subtle option when it comes to adding colour to your home

2. Wonderful walls

Immerse yourself in colour with the addition of a luxurious wallpaper, either as a feature wall or on all walls – both have their own unique impact. We always find it exciting to try new combinations of different wallpapers and rugs together - using the pieces you love, whether part of the same design or not - is one way to truly personalise a space.

It is safe to say Joie de Vivre offers incredible versatility. Available as a rug, wallpaper, and a fabric, it is possible to immerse yourself in soft, gentle shades, and imagery that highlights the importance of our connection to the natural world; a story expressed as a mural in three panels. Dressing your walls in Joie de Vivre feels like stepping into a restorative garden.

It is safe to say Joie de Vivre wallpaper is incredibly versatile. We love using with our Joie de Vivre hand knotted wool & silk rug and fabric panels.

Phoenix Green wallpaper offers a bolder, repeat pattern, which marries shades of green with pinks, purples, and blues in a mesmerising design. Phoenix Green creates a dramatic, standalone feature wall, but is wonderfully immersive when used on all walls.

Phoenix Green wallpaper offers a bold wallpaper option, and looks beautiful with a more gentle and neutral rug such as Nurture Light

3. Fabulous fabrics

There is no end to the scope with colour in fabric. Arc en Ciel offers a virtual rainbow of colour and can be used in any amount you choose. We have used this gloriously uplifting fabric on a headboard, on a beautiful sofa, as a footstool and as curtains. A guaranteed pick-me-up for any space.

We recently upholstered a beautiful antique sofa with our Arc en Ciel fabric - she turned out perfectly!

4. Awesome accessories

Hand-embroidered cushions are by far the simplest way to add instant luxury and glamour to any room. Opt for Arc en Ciel for a full blast of colour, while Phoenix combines a dark base with colour laid on top through motifs, all brought to life with beautiful crewel hand embroidery. Eternal Toile offers a lighter, gentler colour option.

Our hand-embroidered cushions are the easiest way to add colour and instant luxury to any room.

5. Crewel creativity

Our ever-versatile Crewels can be displayed on the wall, creating an instant, dramatic focal point, used as a gorgeous bedspread, or elegantly draped over a sofa back, chair arm or chaise. Not only perfect for adding colour, they also bring warmth, depth, and texture to a space. Our hand-crafted Arc en Ciel Crewel will transform a room with bold and elegant swoops of colour.

Our Arc en Ciel Crewel will transform a room with bold and elegant swoops of colour.

Colour is incredibly personal; it has the power to stop you in your tracks, to create a space in which to relax and recharge, and is one of the easiest ways to bring a little bit of joy to interiors. When adding colour to your home, be guided by the shades and tones that speak to you, those that make you feel happy, and you won’t be disappointed.

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