Shanghai Blossom rug mood board

Shanghai Blossom rug mood board

If you love colour, you’ll fall for our Shanghai Blossom rug. Inspired by a vibrant Japanese kimono, the Shanghai Blossom rug has a stunning multi-colour herringbone design that showcases Wendy’s love of eclectic interior style. Shimmering gold viscose details and floral charm adorn this rug. Chrysanthemums, lotus flowers, plum blossom and peony roses are balanced with the angular lines of the bold herringbone design.

Colour play

Think about your rug as laying the foundations of a colour scheme to your room. From there, you can take inspiration from the colours of the rug and weave the same tones into the rest of your space. Let’s call this colour play.

Enjoy the freedom of experimenting with the colour on your walls; from statement wallpapers in deep hues to peaceful, pale colours. For Shanghai Blossom, we like the idea of starting with a contemporary neutral background. Picking up on the gold detail in the rug, we adore this marble white and gold mural wallpaper by Photowall. It’s a calming and versatile background that will allow you to have fun layering colour with the rest of your interior.

Marble effect wallpaper

Take a seat

Follow through the green colours of the Shanghai Blossom multi-coloured rug with a vintage style moss green sofa. You can also mix and match the styles of seating in your living space. Try the warm russet colours and curves of the Anthropologie Adriana Chair, alongside a leopard print settee. Earthy tones and animal print work well together.

Let there be light

As a centrepiece for your ceiling, a decadent showpiece like an Italian pink glass chandelier complements the soft and mid-tone pinks of the Shanghai Blossom rug perfectly. For ambient lighting, a table lamp is a must. Take a vintage nod by including an emerald green fringed table lamp that complements the green hues in Shanghai Blossom.

Glamorous pink glass chandelier

Curtains and fabrics

At Wendy Morrison Design, you’ll know we enjoy mixing up different patterns and textures. Curtains in a statement pink and orange pattern, clash with an eclectic mix of soft furnishing fabrics in our mood board. For cushions, why not try a traditional paisley patterned fabric to tone with the moss green of the sofa. Alternatively, go bold with a hot pink fabric. We found one of our favourites reproduced the lively prints of designer Michael Szell’s archive from the 1970s. You can have so much fun with texture and pattern.

Vintage style furniture

Continue the glamorous feel throughout your living room with antique or vintage-inspired furniture. There’s something so exciting about finding one-of-a-kind furniture. We spotted the hand-painted Chinoiserie antique cabinet in our Mood Board on InCollect.

French Chinoiserie cabinet

Why stop at one stand out vintage style piece though?! A cocktail cabinet in faux Malachite green, a gold and green Malachite side table, or a palm leaf print stool; they would all add to the eclectic vibe in the room. If you’re a fan of monochrome or statement furniture, you may also swoon over this faux black marble coffee table with brass edging by Houseology. It ties in with the black herringbone in the Shanghai Blossom rug.

For something extra special

Our Shanghai Blossom hand-knotted rug is made from a luxurious combination of silk and wool. It’s an heirloom rug and work of art for your floor. Made in Nepal by experienced craftsmen, each hand-knotted rug is sumptuous underfoot, illustrating the time and skill it takes to craft these hand-knotted styles. Customised sizes of our rugs are also available on request subject to design constraints.

Hand knotted Shanghai Blossom rug

A final thought…

Colour is always life-enriching and Shanghai Blossom’s unapologetic, vibrant colour palette, tempts us to be ever more adventurous with our interior décor choices. We hope you’re also inspired.

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