Revitalise your home with uplifting new collection Sakura

Revitalise your home with uplifting new collection Sakura

As thoughts of the past season fade away and spring blossoms around us, it feels like the perfect time to introduce our newest collection, Sakura. With a cherry blossom tree at her heart and a wonderful story of rebirth and renewal, Sakura reinvigorates living spaces, while making you smile.

Comprising a hand-knotted wool and silk rug and runner, and digital print wallpaper mural, as well as Saku, a glorious, blossom-shaped, hand-tufted rug, this is a collection to uplift and revive. A natural fit for our Considered ethos, where craftsmanship and technical knowhow combine to produce the most beautiful results, Sakura, which means Cherry Blossom in Japanese, has a delicate, elegant design paired with gentle, sophisticated colours. 

Stylistically similar to Wendy’s most reflective and contemplative rug to date, the hand-knotted Solace, Sakura is calm and grounded, aware of her impact on the planet - she treads lightly, springlike, which resonates in her soft colours and blossom motifs.

Full collection launch

Unusually, the collection is being launched together. ‘The hand-knotted rug design came first,’ Wendy explains, ‘but this design kept giving. I could immediately see her as a runner and wallcovering too, and I loved the idea of a blossom-shaped hand-tufted rug, making her more accessible. Everything started with the hand-knotted rug, with her elegance, gentleness and sophistication, her story of renewal, and the rest of the collection fell into place.’

The Sakura hand-knotted rug features a cherry blossom tree – the national flower of Japan – as a central motif. An elegant, gold-etched crane stands at the tree’s base, long neck stretching upwards, while a second crane soars freely above, just breaking through the slim gold border which acts as a frame. Soft pink cherry blossom petals abound, shimmering in the light, on the ends of slim, dark stems. Flashes of colour come from exotic birds and butterflies.

The soft ombre base builds gently from black to ecru, creating a warm grey backdrop shot through with gold highlights, which add to the sense of warmth and softness. A slim gold frame encases the imagery, surrounded by a gentle pink border, which itself is cocooned within a small, delicate, floral pattern in gold.

Celebration of life

Each blossom is made up of tiny love hearts, a celebration of those perfect, fleeting moments in life. It’s a reminder to make the most of every day, to be mindful of living well. Sophisticated and elegant, highlighting our vital connection to nature, Sakura shares an uplifting story of renewal and optimism. The petals’ pops of pink against dark branches remind us of fresh starts, while the short lifespan of blossom emphasises that life is fleeting, and is there to be enjoyed, appreciated and relished.

‘I feel Sakura is a new ultimate neutral,’ Wendy says. ‘Her colours make her very easy to place and I hope her story is inspirational. I plan to try the hand-knotted rug out in our lounge at home, teamed with the wall mural.

‘We did a photoshoot recently in the orangery at Rosebery House, which has an off-white stone floor, a hand-painted mural and warm stonewash - the space felt as if it was made for a Sakura hand-knotted rug. I really can see her fitting anywhere.’

From runner to blossom-shaped rug

The hand-knotted runner features a similar, lighter-gold border to the rug, this time with two soaring cranes, symbolising good luck and longevity. The digital print wall mural has no gold border, which highlights the depth and impact of the ombre backdrop, but shares the glorious imagery of soaring gold cranes, and colourful birds and butterflies.

Saku - the blossom-shaped; hand-tufted rug shares the story and symbolism of Sakura, with swooping golden cranes and pretty cherry blossom spreading out across a lighter backdrop. A black border makes a bold connection with the dark branches, while decorative details etched in gold reflect the colours of the birds and blossom; it’s a beautiful addition that highlights the many small, perfectly considered, details that make up this design. 

This is a collection full of detail, vibrancy, impact and reflection. Sakura shares a story of hope and renewal, fresh starts and new beginnings – it is a story to embrace and a design to fall in love with. The full collection is available to shop now. 

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