Revitalise bedroom décor with restorative Eternal Toile

Revitalise bedroom décor with restorative Eternal Toile

This week, we delve into bedroom décor. This is the room you can cocoon yourself in a style that makes you smile, a space to relax and recharge, to feel happy in; this is your space to really make your own. With that in mind, we have a few tips from Wendy for creating just such a personal space using a design she loves in a bedroom – Eternal Toile.

Our Eternal Toile design creates a moment of calm that is perfect for a bedroom

Harmonious design

The Ten Symbols of Longevity, which inspired Eternal Toile’s design, are based on enjoying a long and healthy life, living in harmony with nature; her colours are neutral, except for lilac, which symbolises spirituality, happiness and tranquillity.

‘Eternal Toile is one of my favourite designs for a bedroom – she just makes sense there; not only is she gentle and calm, her story is one that represents a long and happy life. Mountain details in gold silk create richness and a sense of grounding, while beautiful lilac cranes add a sense of calm,’ Wendy explains.

‘In an ideal world, the bedroom should be a calm, restful and restorative place,’ she adds. ‘I don’t have any electronics in the room - no phones, laptops and I would never have a TV. We do have electric bedside lamps, but I make sure there is a plant nearby!’

The Ten Symbols of Longevity inspired Wendy to create our Eternal Toile design

Sense of calm

‘In a previous journal, we touched on the philosophy of feng shui, which makes perfect sense to me. The bedroom’s primary function is to allow for restful sleep to restore the body. For this reason, I prefer colours to be gentle and calm. I have always been drawn to greens for their restorative nature and sense of growth, while lilacs create a soothing feeling that can encourage emotional expression and has a creative feminine quality too – the perfect backdrop for planning and dreaming. Gold will always be a colour that we're drawn to, and it works particularly well within a bedroom as a calming 'neutral'. Gold's strong connections to enlightenment, purity and happiness make it a colour that we like to surround ourselves with,’ Wendy says.

‘It’s not always easy, but in that ideal world, it is better to avoid unnecessary stuff in the bedroom, such as piles of washing. I use a pretty chair for draping clothes over so as not to distract me with the idea of chores needing done…

‘Personally, I love to ‘layer’ Eternal Toile in the bedroom, teaming a rug with cushions and crewel embroidery. Although she has glorious, rich textures and a big story to tell, Eternal Toile is a fairly neutral design and a good base to layer up. She also works well in our snug at home with a Phoenix crewel embroidered wall hanging and leopard print sofa.’

Our Eternal Toile design can be layered using our embroidered cushions, crewel and rug to create a rich and luxurious feel

Colour combinations

‘If you are looking for inspiration for colours to use with Eternal Toile, lilac and a deeper purple are delicious combinations, as are greens - all my favourite colours,’ Wendy says. ‘To be honest, I always say there should be no rules regarding colour. We are all drawn to different colours at different times – go with what makes your heart sing! If uncertain about taking the full colour plunge, try out accent details in cushions, curtains, lamp shades, even shoes, and see what makes you smile.

‘I think you can have more than one focal point in a room. In the bedroom, the bed is very important and will draw the eye, but you can also make a focal point of a mirror, for example, where you dress, or dry your hair. Or of the view from where you sit in bed. Have fun creating little areas around the room that please the eye.’

Eternal Toile pairs perfectly with rich purples and green as seen here alongside our Phoenix hand-embroidered cushion

Fabulous fabric

‘We have just used Eternal Toile fabric to make a beautiful headboard, which will be wonderful to play around with and try out ideas,’ Wendy explains. ‘I will be tempted to pull out the lilac in accessories and I feel she will look beautiful with vintage dark-brown furniture. My Dad is currently restoring an old chaise longue – he has polished up the wood, which now looks gorgeous teamed with Eternal Toile fabric.

‘Chinoiserie works beautifully with Eternal Toile too and connects with her Oriental story. A simple way to introduce elements of Chinoiserie is with lamps, cushions, or a decorative embroidered screen, which is also handy if you need to hide any unsightly corners or cables. We previously created a mood board for Eternal Toile in the lounge, which offers inspiration for the bedroom too. I am always looking around for ideas and inspirations, and it is often the unexpected or unplanned combinations that bring the most joy!’

Whatever way you choose to use Eternal Toile, we hope you enjoy the process, have fun, and create a wonderful space that soothes and restores, and, of course, brings you happiness.

Our Eternal Toile fabric has been used to create this beautiful headboard

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