Preparing for the bright lights of New York City

Preparing for the bright lights of New York City

We are delighted to announce we will be exhibiting at this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) 2023 in New York, from May 21st- 23rd.

This will be the 3rd time we have attended ICFF and it’s a unique opportunity for us to showcase the wonderful work of our artisans and share the skills involved in traditional rug making. It’s an exciting event we are very much looking forward to.

With an emphasis on original and sustainable design, ICFF is North America’s leading event for contemporary furnishing design. We will be among 400 design brands from more than 25 countries, so it is going to be an amazing opportunity to make connections.

Our Award winning Talisman hand-knotted wool and silk rug will be coming with us to ICFF

‘Despite the days being busy, I always do my best to get out in the evenings,’ Wendy says, ‘there are so many interesting places to see and people to meet. I love this event - there is so much eye candy in terms of home furnishings; it’s really inspiring being amongst like-minded people and catching up with other design folk we’ve met over the years. And, of course, it is always exciting to be in New York. I’m not sure there is anywhere else quite like it!’

So, what does one take when preparing for North America’s most popular design event filled with brands and products that represent the future of design? See below for what we plan to pack.

Beautiful silk details of our One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers Hand-Knotted rug

Talisman Hand-Knotted Rug

Our award-winning Talisman will travel with us to the Big Apple. Joyful and full of uplifting colour and symbolism, she has one of the most powerful stories to share. With a pair of playful dragons cocooned in ombre clouds and gentle waves, which signify time, this beautiful wool and silk hand-knotted rug is woven around the themes of past and future, optimism, and the sheer joy of life.

The dragon holds a prominent place in Chinese mythology and is a symbol of power, strength and good luck. But, perhaps surprisingly, dragons can also symbolise kindness. Talisman is a design full of colour that celebrates the past while looking to a positive, harmonious future. She has so many good things to say, New York feels like the right place for her!

Talisman feels like the perfect design to take to New York with her story which celebrates the past while looking to a positive, harmonious future.

One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers Hand-Knotted Rug

A joyful addition to any interior space, One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers perfectly highlights the uplifting power of pattern and colour. Full of Far Eastern symbolism about the importance of our connection with nature, she shares a positive story of the beauty of a life lived in harmony.

Inspired by a glorious pair of Japanese hand-painted 18th-century scrolls showing numerous birds and animals living together peacefully, One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers highlights the benefits of living in harmony and the importance of our connection with nature.

With a glorious phoenix, the symbol of good luck, peace and prosperity, at her heart, swooping above elegant cranes, which symbolise beauty, harmony, balance, grace and positive change, this is a design with a positive message of hope. She is full of a sense of life and new beginnings, which feels perfect for a trip to one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers ready to spread positivity through out NYC!

Birdsong Yellow Runner

Our chinoiserie-inspired glorious yellow runner - the colour of happiness and contentment - features pretty parakeets and stunning florals, each a symbolic bloom in Eastern philosophy. The magnolia flower represents nobility, perseverance, dignity and a love for nature. Orchids symbolise elegance, dignity and integrity, while chrysanthemums symbolise happiness and vitality. Birdsong Yellow is a wonderful homage to nature and all that she shares. She also makes us feel very happy every time we catch sight of her.

Beautiful Birdsong Yellow Runner with her joyous yellow base

Chinese Garden of Virtue Runner

Inspired by Wendy’s Chinese Garden of Virtue rug design, this runner also tells a story of powerful Chinese symbolism and its close links to nature. The four flowers of virtue all carry a positive message, while the glorious peacock, which symbolises dignity and beauty, is pictured with a soaring crane above, which represents a long and happy life. Delicate pinks, greens and blues paired with gold etching and a shimmering gold border add warmth and depth to this gently uplifting design.

Our Chinese Garden of Virtue Runner features four fabulous flowers and a majestic peacock

Solace Hand-Knotted Wool & Silk Runner

In the spirit of ICFF and looking to the future, we will also be taking a development sample of new Solace Hand-Knotted Runner. A stunning combination of four colours - gold, black, violet and warm white - Solace is one of Wendy’s most reflective and contemplative designs. The detailed design was inspired by intricate embroidery as well as the need for quiet contemplation. The intricate pattern is balanced with a minimal colour palette to create a beautiful neutral that gently works her magic everywhere.

We've created a very special Solace Hand-Knotted wool & silk runner just for ICFF

One Hundred Birds Wallpaper

Another yet-to-be released piece, One Hundred Birds as a wallpaper offers a wonderful celebration of playfulness, optimism and an escape from the demands of 21st-century digital life. Full of symbols for fresh starts and new beginnings, she has nature and our connection with it at her heart. Bursting with life, One Hundred Birds is a reminder that we also need balance and can all benefit from a life lived in harmony.

Solace Wallpaper

A design also yet to be released, we will showcase Solace as a wallpaper at the ICFF. She has proved to be such an easy, yet inspirational, neutral to live with, we feel she perfectly suits being used as a wallcovering too. Full of gentle symbolism, she creates a relaxed, contemplative mood, while still being uplifting. We love the idea of a room cocooned by her.

Our fabulous One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers Wallpaper will be available very soon!

Arc en Ciel Crewel Wall-Hanging

Wendy’s love of and need for colour are perhaps most apparent in this vibrant design with her joyful story of hope. Designed during lockdown, our rainbow rug draws inspiration from two of Wendy’s passions – the power of colour and the elegant Japanese kimono. The design translates beautifully from the original rug to fabric and we will showcase our wonderful crewel wall-hanging at ICFF.

If anyone does happen to be around the Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre later this month, you will find us at stand: #1435

Use Promo Code EXIV848547 for complimentary registration at ICFF + WantedDesign Manhattan 2023. Visit Wendy Morrison Design in booth #1435.

Register for #ICFF 2023 here

We look forward to sharing our very own New York Stories with you soon!

We can't wait to showcase our Arc en Ciel Crewel at ICFF

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