Peacock Palms Mood Board

Peacock Palms Mood Board

The Peacock Palms Rug Story

The symbiosis of the Peacocks and the Palms in this beautiful rug is where we are taking our inspiration from in this scheme. Each accessory has been carefully picked to create a perfect union of flora, fauna, colour & texture.

Let’s start with the rug… Sparkling peacocks in warm olive with accents of glacier and pastel turquoise sit perched amongst palms in shimmering shades of grey, all on a cool grey neutral wool base. Doesn’t that just sum up Peacock Palms nicely! Wendy designed this rug to provide something neutral which is easier to fit into an existing scheme and we can confirm that it does just that.  We narrowed the accessory choices down but so many more would have fit  – we could have taken this rug in so many directions. It is comprised of super soft wool to create a feeling of luxuriousness and the viscose adds soft, shimmering detail.

Wendy Morrison Peacock Palms

Next the wallpaper. The relationship between the rug and the wallpaper can really set the scene. Here the sweeping lines and symmetry of Ianthe Flower by Liberty Fabrics Wallpaper echo the flow and of nature and its perfectness. It fits in here as a darker, stronger neutral to set off Peacock Palms. It is moleskin in texture, making it soft to touch and is available from Wallpaper Direct.


Ianthe Flower Liberty Fabrics Wallpaper

Let’s choose something to hang on the wall. We need a print that will not look too busy with the wallpaper pattern.  We found this simple design which works well with both the rug and the wallpaper. It’s Gold Palm Leaves Art Print by illustrator Marta Olga Klara available from Society 6.

Gold Palm Leaves Art Print by Marta Olga Klara

This print needs a companion. The Pagoda Tray from Graham & Green is gorgeous but don’t you think it’s too gorgeous to use as a tray? It must be hung on the wall for all to see. It even has the perfect frame – a deep black and gold embossed edging, perfect.  There are palm trees in it and there is a Peacock. It was meant to be?

Pagoda Tray by Graham & Green

One of the largest pieces of furniture we need to place and to get right is the sofa. We have to decide whether it’s going to harmonise with the colour scheme or be an accent to it.  Here we have chosen a modern, soft grey velvet sofa from Swoon which harmonises with the grey of the rug and the wallpaper.  The velvet makes this sofa super sumptuous and the soft grey colour is a modern classic.  Be gone the beige!

Berlin 3 Seater Sofa from Swoon

It’s always nice to have another chair. A chair has a wonderful scope for making a statement, for standing out and being bold. So, how about this one? This particular beauty is a vintage rattan Peacock Chair from the 1960s.  We sourced it from Pamono and it is now sold out.  However a simple search for Peacock Chair on Pinterest will turn up lots like this.  It’s just that this particular one is particularly special. Peacock Chairs are so named due to the way the back fans out like the tail feathers of a Peacock. We love that it’s made of rattan – a nice vintage feel and of course the natural material of wood in keeping with the focus and harmony of nature in this scheme.

1960s Vintage Peacock Chair

Perhaps you’d like a little seclusion and peace and quiet whilst sitting on this chair. How about creating a reading nook or a quiet space? A screen is a stylish way to separate areas in a room but the trick is to find one that provides the balance between keeping the two areas separate and connected at the same time. One like this is perfect – a decorative design of hand crafted parrots perched along horizontal lines in a steel frame. It has space and air in between so you can be together and in your own space at the same time.

Screen at one of The Leela hotel group’s luxurious hotels.

Another great seating option is a Pouffe. Is it a chair? Is it a footstool? Is it a place to rest newspapers and books on? It’s all of these things. Move it from one area in the room to another. We’ve gone with this delightful grey Pouffe with embroidered yellow decoration from TK MAXX to tie in with the light shade (to follow) and to pick out the gold tones of the rug, the print and the tray. Yellow and Grey make a perfect pairing. The bright, sunny hue against the cool neutral grey.

Grey and Yellow Embroidered Pouffe

For the coffee table we found this… The Kelly Coffee Table by Sherril Cannet available from Dering Hall. The fabric highlights the colours in the scheme but in brighter and punchier tones to provide a bold accent piece.  The brass frame gives it warmth and a feeling of quality and sturdiness and is very on trend.

A plant has to be in the scheme all about the natural world. But… we have a quandary. What if the only thing that is supposed to be living and breathing in this scheme, inspired by the symbiosis of nature, is, *sshhh*… not living?  What if it is artificial? Shock! Horror! Well it’s okay, you can relax… it didn’t take us long to agree that actually it’s fine.  Let’s face it, no matter how hard we try sometimes it’s hard to keep a plant alive despite our best efforts. This way we save the real plants from our unintended neglect and let this one live forever (just don’t forget to dust it).  This is the 27in Mixed Areca Palm Fern & Peacock plant with Planter (could it get more ‘on point’?) from StarSun Depot.


Mixed Areca Palm Fern & Peacock with Planter

Now, we need something to shine light over this gorgeous scheme inspired by the beauty and the balance of this beautiful world… Something that connects us to it. A handcrafted piece no less. We chose this crochet lampshade because crochet takes time. Made by hand it is intricately woven to replicate the patterns and natural beauty of the geometry. We sourced this gorgeous yellow lampshade from Moonbasket, a company set up by Dani Le Roy – artist and designer, and Laura Summs – artist and crochet artisan. Their intention with Moonbasket is to support the least privileged of Cape Town thus the majority of the weaving is done by local women from the Khayalitsha township. This together with its gorgeousness makes it a hit.

Crochet Lampshade by Moonbasket

And should one be lucky enough to inhabit such a beautiful room then one should wear something like this. It’s sold out at the time of browsing but it may be back in stock now… from


Kelly Coffee Table by Sherrill Cannet

We’ll luxuriate in this scheme until the next Rug Story. Thanks for reading, Wendy & Team xx

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