Our small - but quite delicious - bite of the Big Apple

Our small - but quite delicious - bite of the Big Apple

As mentioned in a recent journal post, we were lucky enough to be part of The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) this year, which brings the design industry together in New York City for three days each May.

Held at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York, the event is part of the prestigious New York Design Week - NYC’s official celebration of design. Kicking off on Sunday May 21st, the ICFF brings together products, makers, innovators, and experts from the design industry for three very busy days packed with inspiration, conversation, and celebration of design.

Our colourful stand at ICFF certainly attracted a lot of positive attention

The magic of teamwork

‘Attending an event like this is always incredibly hard work, but a wonderful experience,’ Wendy says. ‘The logistics alone of getting product to New York and setting up the stand can feel a little daunting, but our wonderful team just got on with things and I was absolutely delighted with the way our stand looked. It was certainly worth carting all those rolls of wallpaper under our arms ourselves from the hotel to the centre, just to make sure they would get there in one piece and on time!

‘Our area was a lovely oasis of colour. There were quite a few larger businesses exhibiting around us, which tend to take a more generic approach to colour and pattern, so our passion for both did stand out. Maximalism is more of an independent style, it will not appeal to everyone and, by its definition, it is a very personal style, unique to the creator,’ Wendy explains.

Samples galore at ICFF!

‘When I think of maximalism, it is the great American artist Tony Duquette, who specialised in designs for stage and film, that comes to mind, as well as Hollywood glamour. Maximalism is a little more style defining and as a smaller business we have greater scope for individual design. The combinations of colour and pattern on our stand certainly drew visitors in and made them smile.

‘In saying that, there were some very nice wallpapers around, a few gorgeous ‘living’ walls and Dutch design company Moooi had some wonderfully glamorous pieces, including stunning gold metallic chairs.

Exploring NYC in between show times

Introducing fabric and wallpaper

‘When it came to favourites on our stand, Talisman attracted lots of attention. One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers was perhaps the most popular and she did sit very well alongside the wallpaper in the same design. Lots of visitors were delighted to learn we now offer wallpaper and fabric, while our hand-embroidered Arc en Ciel Crewel received a lot of oohs and aahs too!

‘Being part of something like ICFF is a unique opportunity to meet others in the design world in real life and luckily our stand was really busy, which was wonderful. The NY event is incredibly exciting, drawing lots of interesting visitors from all over the world. The scale of the show is huge. There is also a wonderful approach and attitude at the event - New Yorkers are so friendly, open and enthusiastic.

Our beautiful Arc en Ciel fabric covered sofa, unholstered by the fabulous team at Chairloom

New York City loves

‘Although our days were very busy, we tried to get out for dinner in the evening to soak up a bit of that NY atmosphere. I love the West Village area, it feels much more homely than midtown, which really is the city centre. Downtown has lovely little restaurants, noticeably more greenery and trees, and if I was to spend time in NY, this would probably be my top choice to live. Although Brooklyn and Queens are both intriguing - there really is just so much to explore.

‘There was a lovely little restaurant conveniently near the hotel, which we visited twice, for the most delicious, freshly made, Italian food, while the deli was our favourite port of call for breakfast and lunch. The delis quite simply spoil you for choice. Without time to adjust to the time difference, we couldn’t sleep much beyond 4am, so were delighted to discover a wonderful early-morning deli en route to the Javits Centre, which was the best way to start the day.

‘Unfortunately, there wasn’t much time for shopping, but we did manage to visit Bergdorf Goodman’s department store, just to check out the interiors department - via bags, jewellery and ladieswear! All very beautiful.

Feeling inspired by the wonderful windows at Bergdorf Goodman

A city made to wander

‘If you are planning a New York visit, I would say simply wandering around is the best way to experience this city. Get out of midtown and head both north and south, and across the bridge. There are so many fabulous museums and galleries to explore, with lots of tempting stops for coffee and lunch.

‘I found New Yorkers super-friendly, hospitable and always ready for a laugh. For a country girl like me, I do find the stimulus overload of this city truly fascinating. It is always great to travel and meet new people, but the epicentre of Western Capitalism and all that it brings does make me feel very grateful for the life I am fortunate to live, and it inspires me to encourage people to find joy in the simple pleasures of life.

‘If I had to sum it all up? Both New York City itself and the ICFF are an immersive experience - a wonderful feast for all the senses!’



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