Our love affair with Tencel for designer rugs

Our love affair with Tencel for designer rugs

Dreams of the Jungle

It started with a crush on protecting our environment. We believe that décor should work in harmony with and be inspired by the beautiful world we live in. Then we met Tencel and happily it was a match made to last. Tencel is a material that ticks both the style and sustainability boxes. It was a win, win situation. And now, we’re taking things further to share the Tencel love with you, our loyal followers.

We’re making all our new hand-tufted rug designs with Tencel yarn, instead of viscose. So far this includes the Dreams of the Jungle and Birdsong designer rugs. They still have the quality wool base that you can rely on, with the improved addition of every detail in the design made with Tencel.

Dreams of the Jungle Tencel rug

To take our relationship with Tencel to the next level, we’re pleased to say that over the coming year, we’re moving all our hand-tufted rug designs over to the wool-Tencel combination. We’re saying goodbye to wool and viscose, to make sure we stay in touch with what you’re looking for. Like you, we prefer to choose more sustainable options of equal or superior quality, where possible.

However, for any bargain hunters out there, you’re likely to get a fabulous deal in our viscose-wool sale.

So, why did we fall for Tencel?

Here are just a few reasons….

  • The big one…Tencel production is more sustainable. It’s created from wood pulp sourced from sustainably grown forests. Then transformed into yarn through intricate nanotechnology. There are very few emissions during Tencel production – 99.3% to 99.8% of chemicals are used repeatedly in a closed-loop system.
  • It harbours fewer bacteria than other materials and has a natural capacity to absorb moisture, making it ideal for a healthier living space.
  • It’s durable and hardwearing – ideal for rugs in high-traffic areas of your home, such as your hall.
  • It’s biodegradable – always a good choice in our current climate.
  • It has a natural lustre, giving a stunning sheen, just like silk.

Tencel is our perfect partner to bring to life the intricate details that you’ve come to expect from Wendy Morrison’s designs. These are the details that make our rugs far more special. Colour, maximalism and chinoiserie styling is our thing. Using Tencel yarn means we can now share our style with you in a more sustainable way. Just how you like it.

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