Our Joy for Spring

Our Joy for Spring

Joie de Vivre shimmering in the spring breeze

'I love the sounds of birdsong, the longer days, buds opening and plants pushing through the soil, that whole idea of new growth. To me, this is the perfect season for looking ahead.'


Is it just us or is everybody else longing for springtime too? As snowdrops and early daffodils begin to show their faces, it has us thinking about spring, what it means to people, and just how many wonderful rugs we have that embody a sense of fresh starts and new beginnings.

‘Spring is my favourite time of year,’ Wendy says. ‘I appreciate the other seasons, but I always have a longing for spring. Winter is just too long in Scotland. I love the sounds of birdsong, the longer days, buds opening and plants pushing through the soil, that whole idea of new growth. To me, this is the perfect season for looking ahead.'

‘I love it when the aconites open up, their bright yellow sunny faces, followed fairly quickly with the lilacs and blues of bluebells, and magnolia and cherry blossoms really do make you smile. Yellows, pinks and fresh greens always say ‘spring’ to me.

‘As I get older, I am becoming more aware of my need for peace and quiet, and 5am, when the sun is coming up, is my favourite time. I love going for a run along the estuary when the birds are waking up. I can feel the excitement building. Spring always feels like such a positive season.’

Birdsong Yellow and Jardin de Orient during the tufting process

Birdsong Yellow

Inspired by nature, chinoiserie, colour and Japanese culture, Birdsong Yellow feels like a snapshot of spring. Colourful birds stand out against a deep yellow backdrop, while butterflies flutter above foliage and magnolias, orchids and chrysanthemums. In Japanese culture, the magnolia flower represents nobility, dignity, perseverance and a love for nature; the orchid is a symbol of respect and admiration; while the chrysanthemum represents longevity and rejuvenation.

‘Birdsong Yellow is so bright and cheerful, ‘Wendy says, ‘she features the magnolia tree, which I often think of as the first exciting tree to bloom in spring, and has to be one of my favourite springtime rugs. The joyful colour works really well with all those little birds.'

You can read more about our Birdsong collection in our journal,'Nature's Calling: The Birdsong Chinoiserie Rug Collection'

Jardin de Orient in Pink & Green

The softly shimmering gold flora silhouettes and bright birds take inspiration from the art of chinoiserie and combine beautifully against a gentle pale pink wool base.

‘Jardin de Orient in both Pink and Green say ‘spring’ to me too; colours and birds are the magic ingredients, all accented with gold. She feels light and fresh in pink, with a bolder presence in green,‘ Wendy explains.

Flowers of Virtue and Birdsong Yellow capture the essence of spring

Flowers of Virtue Opal Blue

Shimmering orchids, chrysanthemums, plum blossom and gentle bamboo emerge from a restful opal blue backdrop in this design that feels incredibly spring-like. White orchids represent purity and elegance; the chrysanthemum is believed to represent long life and good luck in the home; plum blossom demonstrates vitality, endurance and hope; while bamboo denotes endurance, peace and vitality, and demonstrates harmony between nature and humankind.

‘Opal Blue Flowers of Virtue has such a lovely feeling of spring,’ Wendy says, ‘her base colour is fresh, warm and gentle, while the pink pops of florals just spring to life.’

If you would like to read more about what inspired Flowers of Virtue our journal 'The Inspiration for Flowers of Virtue Opal Blue' is the perfect read.

Floral Waves Pink and Blue

Inspired by Japanese culture, layers of concentric circles portray waves, which represent the ebb and flow of the tide to provide strength, security and surges of good luck. Colourful birds and flowering magnolias, which represent beauty, nobility and gentleness here, enhance our much-needed connection with nature.

Both the pink and blue backdrops create a fresh and soothing backdrop for colourful, intricate flora and fauna motifs etched in gold to stand out.

Mount Orient and Okinawa Ocean on the loom

Mount Orient

We love the way the glorious floral details and elegant golden cranes, which represent peace and longevity, spring to life against a bold, neutral dark grey base. It is the perfect grounding shade to allow the delicate colours and exquisitely tufted details to stand out.


Our much-loved circular rug, Okinawa, always feels light, gentle and spring-like. Inspired by chinoiserie and fine china, Okinawa features an elegant magnolia tree, with delicate birds perched in the branches and chrysanthemums, orchids and peonies flowering all around. She is a wonderful neutral that adds grace and elegance to a room.

The soft colourings of Sunburst and Joie de Vivre are perfect for Spring


The Art Deco-inspired Sunburst is full of golden rays of sunshine as warm neutral tones combine with striking gold details. ‘Sunburst feels very much like the sun finally showing her face again, Wendy explains, ‘a lovely thought after winter.

Joie de Vivre

‘I can’t forget Joie de Vivre,’ Wendy adds, ‘her gentle ombre greens with pops of fresh colours make me think of being out in nature again.’ This elegant design is full of life and vibrancy and tells the story of the importance of our connection with the natural world.

Our journal 'Celebrating the Joy of Life' explores Joie de Vivre and why it is so special.

Mandela Wallpaper compliments our springtime rugs

Springtime Lift

‘I do think our Mandela wallpaper works as the perfect backdrop for a springtime makeover;’ Wendy adds, ‘she is a warm neutral with just enough little pops of colour in her birds and butterflies. And our Arc en Ciel fabric would certainly bring a wonderful touch of colour to an accent piece of furniture or window dressing for a fresh springtime lift.’

Explore the full Mandela Collection for more inspiration.

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