Our commitment to responsible trading

Our commitment to responsible trading

There’s something you should know about Wendy Morrison Design. We take our responsibility for ethical trading very seriously and care deeply about the kind of environment our rugs are made in. It’s a stance that’s at the heart of our business.

First of all, we design luxury rugs that are made to last over many years. And, in the case of our hand-knotted collection, a lifetime of use. Our rugs are unique, handmade pieces that are made with great care by artisans in Nepal and India.

Championing craftsmanship

India and Nepal have a rich heritage in carpet making, where experienced artisans create rugs of unmatched quality. This is a beautiful heritage that we’re proud to support. Producing quality rugs is a lengthy and skilled process. Artisans cherish their craft and enjoy passing their skills on to the next generation. It’s our choice to only work with the finest craftsmen and GoodWeave Certified manufacturers.

Ravinder hand-tufting our Zebra Waltz pink rug

Proud Partners of GoodWeave

Wendy Morrison Design is a proud partner of GoodWeave, ensuring our rugs are made by adult artisans, not children. As a not-for-profit organisation, GoodWeave is dedicated to ending child labour and offering educational opportunities to children in carpet weaving communities around the world.

To be GoodWeave certified, our weavers sign a contract to produce rugs without child or forced labour and their workshops undergo unannounced inspections by GoodWeave representatives.


GoodWeave label on the reverse of a Wendy Morrison Design Birdsong Jade rug

All our rugs carry the GoodWeave label. This label is the best assurance that no child labour, forced labour, or bonded labour was used in the making of that certified product. To learn more visit GoodWeave.org.

"I’m incredibly passionate about the fair treatment of everyone that takes part in each stage of our rug production process. The GoodWeave Certification ensures that responsibility will always be a core part of our business."


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