Nurture your home with our pretty and practical new runners and wallpaper border

Nurture your home with our pretty and practical new runners and wallpaper border

Living kindly and in harmony, at one with our surroundings, is just one of the uplifting stories at the heart of our exquisite hand-tufted Nurture rugs.

Full of colourful motifs inspired by Mother Nature, Nurture’s design includes exotic birds, all very different, yet living harmoniously, against a backdrop of bold peony roses and delicate pink plum blossom. Pink peonies often symbolise good luck and prosperity, while plum blossom represents hope, resilience, and perseverance.

A positive, life-affirming design, our Nurture collection now includes two new hand-crafted runners - in glorious green and bold black colourways – as well as a dramatic Nurture Dark wallpaper border.

Introducing the latest additions to our Nurture Design ; our Nurture Dark Wallpaper Border and two fabulous Nurture runners is black and green

Brighten dull spaces

‘These new pieces offer an alternative if you have an area that doesn’t work with a rug, such as a hallway, corridor or narrow space in a room,’ Wendy explains. ‘Runners can be used to enhance so many areas, layering up warmth, colour, softness and texture.’

The Nurture Black runner is a gloriously rich colourway with a linear gold border, gold etched details, blowsy pink peonies and pretty coloured birds - the black base cocoons the softer, gentler colours, while gold edging grounds the intricate design. ‘Don’t hesitate to use the dark runner in a narrow or enclosed space as the lightness in the centre and the glamorous gold border means Nurture Black stands out anywhere,’ Wendy says.

In contrast, Nurture Green offers a fresher, more-vibrant colour choice, grounded within a black border. ‘Colour has so much power to lift the mood and change the feel of a space,’ Wendy says. ‘The same design looks and feels dramatically different depending on which colourway is used.’

The Nurture Black runner is a gloriously rich colourway with a linear gold border

Border beauty

Nurture Dark wallpaper is a striking addition to our wallcovering collection. Designed to be used as a border on walls, rather than covering the entire wall, Nurture Dark measures 90cm high x 5m long. The border style means the paper can be applied to the top or bottom section of a wall, creating a continuous display of bright, colourful birds standing out against a black background edged with a linear gold pattern at the top and bottom.

Introducing these new pieces got us thinking about where, when, and how to refresh a room. In a previous journal we discussed how to use a statement rug as a natural starting point for room design. Our new Nurture runners and Nurture Dark wallpaper are all statement pieces. They were designed to draw the eye, lift the spirits and make you smile. Each piece works as the basis for a décor scheme, or helps to refresh one already in place.

Our Nurture Dark Wallpaper Border is designed to be used as a border on walls, rather than covering the entire wall

The added attraction of these pieces is they don’t have to be used in isolation. Each works individually, but if you love more than one Wendy Morrison design, different pieces work beautifully together too.

‘A lot of my designs work together because they all come from the same colour palette, with pinks and golds being a consistent neutral,’ Wendy explains. ‘Many designs would work well with this Nurture Dark border. The ones that immediately spring to mind are Birdsong, Jardin de Orient, and One Hundred Birds, One Hundred Flowers because they all share birds as a common theme.

Nurture Dark and our Kimono Gold runner proving to be fabulous pairing

Create your sanctuary

‘Imagery from the natural world creates a feeling of sanctuary,’ Wendy adds, ‘almost like being cocooned in nature. Nurture Dark is a rich colourway, but feels incredibly versatile; whilst the peony florals are quite sophisticated in colour, the bird details offer playful pops of colour.

‘I like the idea of this border creating an easy application of décor and glamour to a rather simple space without the commitment of wallpaper or solid colour,’ Wendy explains. ‘We have a very long hallway at home and it was just crying out for some interest, other than full-on colour or wall décor.

‘Perhaps surprisingly, I keep my palette fairly neutral at home, I feel the hallway has to be grounding and a good base to take you off into other rooms where there is likely to be more going on. White walls with black woodwork have always been a happy neutral for me - a neutral just waiting for highlights of colour.

Our Nurture Green runner is lovingly hand-crafted with exotic birds perched on and swooping around peony roses in full bloom and pretty pink blossoms

‘Our Nurture Dark wall décor felt like a natural choice with the existing white walls. I also think gold would work well for a really rich, glamorous feel, as would a pink. There are many colours within this wallpaper that you could pick out to sit alongside and have great fun with.

‘There is a Nurture Light wallpaper border on the way too. I’m excited to see how well this will work with a colour, a white base or even teamed with another wallpaper,’ Wendy adds.

Whenever it comes to style and decor, we always encourage you to go with what you love; choose colours, patterns and pieces that make you happy, something that makes you smile every day, and you will naturally create a space you love being in.

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