Nurture is our cure for the January blues

Nurture is our cure for the January blues

As we navigate our way through January, which, with its short days and gloomy skies, can feel like hard work, we wanted to introduce a little joy and lightness with the story of Nurture, the latest addition to the Wendy Morrison family.

New hand-tufted rug Nurture is a lovingly crafted design featuring exotic birds in colours that pop, gently blooming peony roses intertwined with delicate pink blossoms. Visually beautiful, the design also tells a positive story of new growth, living in harmony and connecting with nature, of a life full of care and empathy. It is a joyful, hopeful design in two colourways – white or green – both light, fresh and uplifting, which allow the intricate details to spring to life. Nurture feels like the perfect antidote to any lingering January blues.

Nurture Light sitting comfortably in Wendy’s home.

Strength and beauty

‘Our lives need nourishing beauty that is gently tactile yet full of hidden strength that cocoons, protects and inspires us,’ Wendy says of the inspiration behind her latest design. ‘Nurturing each other and our environment becomes the focus. I am deeply aware of our connection with nature and her ability to improve our well-being and wanted to express that in this design.

‘As always, it was difficult to make a decision on the base colour, I feel the final colours work beautifully on the off-white base with its striking black border, while the bold jade base is a new green offering. I have updated my palette with more playful colours that create a feeling of joy and, hopefully, bring a sense of optimism too. I have always loved colour, which has the power to connect and uplift. We discussed the power of colour in our previous journal telling the story of Arc en Ciel and I had just as much fun playing with the colours here. The birds in these new colours make me smile every time I look at them and seem to literally pop out of the base colour.

Nurture Green’s vibrant jade base feels incredibly uplifting and connects beautifully to nature

Green for growth

‘It is fair to say green is my favourite colour; there are so many beautiful shades, it gives me such a strong connection to the natural world, and I feel the jade used here embodies a sense of growth and new life. This design feels incredibly uplifting to me.’

We mentioned new design directions in the recent journal, Looking Ahead, and Nurture falls into two of the themes for the coming year: Cultivate and Joyous. We feel Nurture is the perfect rug to lead us down fresh paths, exploring in even greater detail the ideas of nature and harmony, mindful living and being aware of our impact on the world around us, nurturing each other and our environment, while also bringing joy and making connections. We hope you fall in love with this design, as well as the thoughts, stories and intentions behind her.

Nurture Green works wonderfully alongside our Mandela Wallpaper

Starting points

And if you are thinking of adding a touch of colour and pattern – or indeed both – to your home in the coming months, Wendy shares a few thoughts on where to start and why it always makes her happy.

Nurture Green has really inspired me to add colour to our lounge, where we currently have our new Mandela wallpaper on the walls. It feels to me that Mandela is the perfect warm and rich neutral backdrop, crying out to be accessorised with colour. Even our 16-year-old son commented that this is his new favourite rug in the lounge – so the combination must have made an impact!

‘When designing a rug, I often have the base colour as a starting point, but it is always tempting to play around with other colour options and I would generally stay away from a neutral base. But in this case, with all her little bright pops of colour, Nurture Light works very well indeed. She creates a calm, gentle mood in the bedroom alongside Joie de Vivre on the walls. I plan to try her with Phoenix Green in the studio and, I think, because of those splashes of colour, she would work well as an accessory in a very neutral scheme,

‘This is something I love, bringing white walls to life, layering colour, pattern and texture in a room using rugs, wallcoverings, cushions and accessories. I love building those layers, creating something joyful and interesting, a space that makes me feel happy,’

Nurture light celebrating the Joy of Life with our Joie de Vivre wallpaper.

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