New rug Vogue Deco celebrates a bygone era and takes up residence in Nice

New rug Vogue Deco celebrates a bygone era and takes up residence in Nice

It may still feel quite wintry outside, but there are early signs of spring gently unfurling with the welcome sight of snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils. Days are getting longer and evenings just that little bit lighter. Positive change is in the air and, with that in mind, we are delighted to introduce a brand-new design to our life-affirming collection of hand-tufted rugs - Vogue Deco.

Inspired by vintage Vogue magazine covers, artwork from the Art Deco period and, of course, Mother Nature, Vogue Deco is a gorgeous mix of shimmering greens, pinks, taupe, gold and black that will stop you in your tracks.

Introducing our newest hand-tufted wool & Tencel design, Vogue Deco

Colour and pattern combine

Glorious gold-etched cranes soar elegantly above peony roses and lotus flowers in full bloom, all set against a striking geometric pattern. The florals gently reach and spread, sharing space with bold lines and soft curves, spilling out to the very edges of the rug. The craftsmanship from our wonderful artisans is exquisite, breathing life into every motif.

Throughout Asia, the crane represents honour, good fortune, longevity and loyalty, while lush peonies symbolise prosperity, good fortune and a happy marriage. Emerging from dark, murky waters looking pristine, lotus flowers are recognised as a symbol of purity. Because the flower blooms at the break of each day, the lotus flower also represents strength, resilience and rebirth.

Vogue Deco settles in beautifully with the deco surrounding of Wendy's Nice apartment

For the love of Art Deco

‘Vogue Deco was actually inspired by vintage Vogue magazine covers,’ Wendy explains, ‘I often disappear down a rabbit hole of these vintage artworks, which I love. From a fashion, interiors and cultural viewpoint, I have always been drawn to the Art Deco period; it was certainly a fascinating time throughout Europe and the US.

‘The passion for this period naturally tied in with our new Nice apartment project, which is located in the Musiciens Quartier, surrounded by incredible architecture. It felt natural to take another deep dive into this fabulous Art Deco era,’ she adds.

‘Green is always a favourite colour and, sitting alongside the bold black, is in keeping with the Art Deco period, while green and pink together is one of my favourite combinations,’ Wendy says. ‘There was no need for a border on this bold geometric design - it felt important that Vogue Deco has no boundary other than the florals. This rug was very much designed with the love of the period in mind, as well as thoughts of our Nice apartment in which she is settled. As always with my designs, I hope there is longevity in this piece.

The apartment is situated in Nice's Musicians Quarter and it surrounded by fabulous French architecture

‘As we renovate the Nice apartment, we hope to find local treasures to style it,’ Wendy explains. ‘The city is full of brocantes and antique shops to search through, which is something I love doing; it’s not something that can be rushed, so we will enjoy taking our time, finding the right pieces. There is such an air of appreciation of beauty in Nice, whether that is buildings, furniture, art or clothing, it is truly inspiring.

‘Our Vogue Deco feels like the perfect fit for our Nice apartment. She is currently sitting very comfortably in the living room on the gorgeous parquet floor alongside a dark green velvet sofa, a gold velvet chair and a black Chinoiserie table, which I found in a favourite haunt called ‘Troc Azur’. It is an amazing place to scour through, packed with other people’s treasures. A lot of the pieces have been well-loved and can be in less-than-perfect condition, but it’s fun hunting and it’s affordable.

Nice is full of brocante and antique shops for treasure hunting

‘We painted the cornice in the living room green because I love it with black and I had Vogue Deco in mind for the space. The current wall covering is Anaglypta, possibly from when the building was built, which was a tangerine dream shade when we moved in. The whole family pitched in and we painted it white last summer – it took quite a bit of covering up! I have hung our Phoenix Crewel up for now as she creates much-needed warmth on the white walls, but it will take time to finalise the wall décor.

‘Needless to say, one of my favourite places is DZ Galerie on Rue de France, which is highly unaffordable but great for inspiration!’ Wendy adds. ‘There are also a few nice interiors boutiques on Rue de France, as well as a fabulous vintage clothing shop.

Vogue Deco and our Phoenix Hand-Embroidered Wall Hanging sitting in perfect harmony

‘Much more affordable, Brocante Day takes place in the square every Monday, which is always fun to wander around. And there is no shortage of lovely spaces to visit down by the old port, where the Antique Quarter is situated.

‘I expect there is still a lot more to find here. I will continue to share the places I discover, including any hidden gems that might be a little off the tourist trail, that might be of interest should you be planning a visit to Nice!’

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