Nature's Calling: The Birdsong Chinoiserie Rug Collection

Nature's Calling: The Birdsong Chinoiserie Rug Collection

It’s often all about the birds here at Wendy Morrison Design. Yes, we’re talking about the bold, beautiful, exotic birdlife that frequently adorns our designer rugs. The aptly named Birdsong collection is just that; a celebration of birdlife in an oasis of nature. A chinoiserie rug collection that evokes the joys of Spring.

A lot of nature, a lot of joy

Think about our Birdsong rug collection as bringing the outside in. Bringing you closer to nature, even when the days are long and dark. Bringing life to your floor through the everlasting beauty of the outdoors. For a ray of sunshine, the Birdsong yellow chinoiserie rug is just the thing. Swathing your floor in light and providing softness beneath your toes. After all, who else is feeling like colour is needed after all this rain?! Yellow is the colour of happiness and contentment.

Birdsong Yellow rug

If your décor calls for a subtler shade, the delicate Jade green Birdsong rug delivers effortless sophistication. Jade green has a vibe in tune with the design world’s shift back to nature and sustainability. Stripping back the unnecessary and choosing quality, timeless pieces over fast fixes for the home.

Our latest Birdsong colourway is black, which really makes the details of the design pop. Colour is brought to life on the black wool rug base. Like the sweet, singing tune of Birdsong itself, every detail stands proud.

Culture vultures

When it’s not nature, it’s other cultures that get us excited. For Birdsong, Wendy took inspiration from Japanese culture; symbolic of feminine grace and beauty, as well as chinoiserie. Chinoiserie is a style that depicts stylized nature and flora and fauna in all its glory. In Birdsong, it’s a case of good things come in threes as the rug features orchids, magnolia and chrysanthemums – each one shining bright amongst the bark of a magnolia tree.

Birdsong Jade artwork

The sight of nature in bloom, whatever the season, brings joy and your interior decor can reflect this.

If in doubt, always listen to Dior…
“Aside from their decorative beauty, plants are vital mediators
in the relationship between earth, the sun and humankind”.
Emanuele Coccia for Dior

The first waves of inspiration

Our luxurious Floral Waves hand-knotted rug was also a key inspiration for the Birdsong chinoiserie rug. Birdsong is a little simpler in design, but just as worthy a contender for your floor. Like Floral Waves, it showcases handmade craftsmanship and is an art piece for your home, combining understated luxury and exotic artistry.

Hand-tufting of the Birdsong Jade rug

Sustainable thought

Helping to preserve the world’s flora and fauna is something we’ll always support. That’s why it’s our preferred choice to replace materials, where possible, with a more sustainable fibre of equal quality. Our Birdsong designer rug features intricate flora and fauna details in sustainable Tencel yarn on top of a wool base. Tencel is not only more sustainable than viscose, but it also has a similar lustre to silk for a stunning sheen.

Our beautiful planet is a constant inspiration to every one of our rug designs. Bring the birdies into your home with a Birdsong chinoiserie rug, crafted as always with exquisite detail. Enjoy!

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