Monday Moodboard with Arc en Ciel

Monday Moodboard with Arc en Ciel

A mood board allows us all to be creative, to let our imagination take flight and play around with ideas. It allows us to explore, to discover what works and what doesn’t, what we like, as well as what we don’t - which is just as important. Being inspired by a mood board can suggest surprising combinations and take us in new directions, they are a wonderful way to visualise creative thoughts.

The mood board for our joyful Are en Ciel rug is - perhaps unsurprisingly - a glorious collection of colours, prints, shapes, lines, tones, designs and ideas. The hand-knotted wool and silk Arc en Ciel rug design is vibrant, happy and hopeful; created during lockdown, she is packed with uplifting colour and positive messages. Our rainbow rug brings together two of Wendy’s passions - the kimono and the power of colour - to share an inspirational story of hope, connection and positivity.

The beauty of a mood board is that it draws diverse thoughts and ideas together; it brings clarity.

Biomorphic Post Modern Memphis Style Colourful Pastel Sideboard from
Designed by Reeves Design + Art in Texas, this custom-made sideboard features bold, bright, swooping and swirling, three-dimensional biomorphic shapes. It is fun, playful and feels incredibly joyful.

Murano Glass Covered Buffet from
Gold, green and natural walnut feature in this elegant piece of furniture from Italy’s Veneto region. Bold blocks of colour sit atop graceful, tapered legs, to make a design statement without shouting about it.
Curved Green Sofa from Dudgeon Sofas
Elegant curved lines and bold colour combine in this luxurious green silk velvet seating.

Kimono Inspo
Golden cranes take flight across a stunning Japanese embroidered green silk kimono - gold etched cranes feature in Arc en Ciel, symbolising longevity and good fortune. Elegant lines, cranes in flight and bold, beautiful colour are all seen in the pictorial red kimono, with the design on the kimonos telling their own story, just as Wendy’s rugs do.

Gathered Full Skirt, Spring Summer 22, Dries Van Noten
The ‘Dinner Party’ print on this cotton skirt is full of colour, vitality and fluidity. Fashion provides a constant pool of creativity to dip into and take inspiration from - colour combinations, materials, shape, cut and pattern can all spark new ways of thinking. 

Hand Blown Glass Pendant Lights UK - Curiousa & Curiousa
These stunning glass pendants are made in Derbyshire and are colourful, luxurious and beautiful, as well as functional. The world of interiors offers a wealth of inspiration, highlighting shapes, lines, light, colour and materials.

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