Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

One hundred birds and one hundred animals, Suzuki Kitsu (1796 – 1858)

January is named after the Roman god of new beginnings, Janus. It’s a time for looking forward, making plans and setting goals for life and work, and hopefully achieving a good balance between the two.

Looking ahead to Spring/Summer 2022, we have taken inspiration from three themes, all of which play an important role at Wendy Morrison Design. Wendy has been working on three stories that will shape the design direction for the coming months, and we thought this might be a good time to share some of those thoughts, inspirations and stories with you.

The power of colour

‘Colour is closely linked to our state of mind,’ Wendy explains. ‘Used in the right way, colour can make us feel calm, grounded, exuberant, soothed, happy and positive. Colour is capable of conveying powerful messages: it is energy and vibration, and the connection between colour and emotion is incredibly strong. Colours help us express our feelings. Joyful colour and pattern combinations combined with an emotional approach – feeling a positive connection to certain colours and using them in our daily lives – help us to live life with a positive approach.

Colourful inspiration, Amaryllis by Olaf Hajek

Nature’s way

‘I also believe a deep connection to nature and community encourages us to care more about the environment and each other. I feel it is important to move towards a kinder, more empathetic, future. Our lives need nourishing beauty that is gently tactile, yet full of hidden strength, that cocoons, protects and inspires us. We want to take comfort in our surroundings with soft, seductive materials that feel as if they embrace us, but that are also a treat for the eyes. Colour and pattern create mood and atmosphere, adding a discreetly glamorous feel to homes. We want homes to relax in that feel warm, supportive and restorative, but we also want to create spaces that look good, and feel inspirational, happy and joyful.

‘We address that need for comfort using natural yarns in hand-crafted finishes that are woven into the heritage of quality rug-making. The wools, silks and Tencel we use are soft, supple and supportive, while also beautifully translating design details and ideas, sharing our stories of nature, connection and life.

Sources of inspiration

‘This year I have been inspired to combine our hand-crafted finishes with grounded, earthy tones and lots of botanical greens. I have taken lots of inspiration from nature, the elements and the world around me, inspired by honest craftsmanship and our responsibility to the environment.

‘There are quiet minimalist monochromes, moving from light to dark, to create a calm atmosphere, while free-spirited optimism is unleashed in uplifting, spontaneous, happy colour and pattern combinations, that I hope will inspire and bring joy to homes.’

Our new designs fall into the following three categories. We hope some of our ideas will help you to enjoy living well and create a nurturing space.

Cultivate: growing shoots for the future

The emphasis here is on slowing down and switching off. Creating pieces that take time, care, love and skill; objects which are tactile, sensorial and always in harmony with nature. The process is labour intensive, but it reflects true durability, being aware of our impact on the world around us and mindful of the health of our planet. It is about being respectful of the history that has brought us to this point, whilst putting down roots for our long-term future. Nurturing each other and our environment is the focus, forever sensitive and all inclusive.

Forthcoming ‘Nurture’ on the frame in India

Solace: calm and spacious living

This storyboard is all about making time for contemplation; for instilling a calm and peaceful ambience, creating space for reflection, while broadening our outlook to the wider world. Expansive thinking leads to more meaningful design – it also opens minds to new ways of thinking and living. Designs are superbly made; cool, precise and exquisitely beautiful; quiet luxury designed to last.

One hundred insects and one hundred flowers, Mochizuki Gyokkei (1874 – 1939)

Egrets in Plum and Willow, Sesson Shukei 1492 – c.1577

Joyous: celebrating playfulness

We are hardwired to be social creatures, instinctively seeking to connect and make sense of the world around us. This story is one of human optimism and exudes a warm, sunny tone. It is full of playful creativity. Expressive pieces vibrate with high spirits and nostalgia, innocence and childlike wonder. Life is deliberately non-digital. Full of joy, this is an invitation to dance as if nobody’s watching.

More joyful inspiration from Olaf Hajek. An insert from his latest book ‘Flower Power

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