Look to the future

Look to the future

The last journal post discussed our year gone by and, as we reach the end of 2022, we are excited to look ahead. Our aim may be the same every year – to create joyful designs that celebrate artisan craft and make people smile – but there are so many different thoughts, considerations and influences that contribute to the end result, we want to share a few with you.

Our design ethos is based around storytelling – every rug has a different story to tell. Sharing stories helps individuals connect, and connection is at the heart of all we do. We believe it is vital we connect with one another as well as with the natural world.

Our Eternal Toile design combines storytelling through Oriental symbolism, and is composed of almost all of the symbols depicted in both Korean and Chinese philosophy for a long and happy life.

We recently started our B Corp Certification journey to continue to build a brand for good. Hope comes in different ways, taking stock and calmly striving to make a better future. Small steps are what we can do as individuals, while more progress can be made in collaboration with others. A blend of actions, big and small, leads to positive change.

Emotional Connection

‘Slowing down, taking a moment to enjoy and find quality of life, has become the essence for so many more people,’ Wendy explains. ‘We are looking for ways to open up and be authentic to our true selves. Putting people first is a wonderful place to start.

‘Honesty, transparency and authenticity ultimately lead to better connections. I’m looking forward to a renewed appreciation for craft, which promotes meaningful and unique collaborations’ Wendy adds. ‘If you take an individual approach and stay true to your values, that becomes part of the design process and leads to joyful results. Do what makes you happy and take time to enjoy the process as well as the outcome.’

Phoenix hand-knotted wool & silk rug in the making

Sense of Euphoria

Perhaps as part of the fallout from the pandemic, now feels like a time to celebrate the experience of pleasure, excitement, and intense feelings of well-being and happiness - in essence, a celebration of life.

‘Maximalist style is joyfully extravagant, radiating positive energy; it can be a euphoric, explosive expression of personality, represented in unique, one-off, statement pieces,’ Wendy explains.

There is a connection with past times, even when looking forward; a strong dialogue between past eras and contemporary times. The dressed-up sultry glamour of the 1920s and 30s influences us today; lavish interiors inspire fabrics and pattern.

‘Delving into the archives reveals unexpected treasures,’ Wendy says, ’from Art Deco geometrics and rich brocades to hand-painted florals. Today’s influences are handpicked from the 1920s to the 1950s - decades where looks were carefully considered and finely executed, and craftsmanship was revered.’

Leopard Gold hand-tufted rug sitting beautifully with our Mandela wallpaper

Balance in life

Our need for quiet time, space to be solitary, to recover balance and rejuvenate feels more important than ever. We live in a brightly-lit, fast-paced, high-pressure world and would benefit from following a more circadian rhythm in line with nocturnal hours. We all need to recharge, a time to sit and assess what comes next, and the space to do so.

Equilibrium, conservation, preservation and protection combine in a story where honesty and traceability are central. The ongoing life of our products is considered throughout the design process. Uncomplicated yarns with comforting wools create a feeling of softness and warmth on pieces designed to be treasured and handed down through generations.

Mandela Solace and her beautifully uncomplicated design allows us the space to feel balanced and rejuvenated

Encourage to Flourish

Inspired by the artisan movement, we see a resurrection of age-old techniques sitting alongside the new; skills evolving rather than being replaced. Slowing down, feeling nourished and connected all have a positive impact on our well-being.

‘The health of our planet, living in harmony with nature, artisanal craft that takes time, slow and considered design, are all important when it comes to our collections. I want to encourage a dialogue with nature,’ Wendy explains. ‘Biophilic design is always close to our heart, and this year colours are fertile and abundant; a celebration of the unrefined, unprocessed and compostable.’

Okinawa Ocean being lovingly created by our artisans in India

Nature is a human right

‘Thoughts and plans of rewilding, focusing on the needs of our planet and stepping up to them, weaving these aspirations into our work takes precedence,’ Wendy says. ‘Attention to detail, the celebration of human endeavour, skill and craftsmanship should be encouraged to thrive.

‘Our designs are a labour of love; each piece celebrates the human touch. The focus is on the provenance of materials combined with the craftsmanship of each piece. All our designs are created with a feeling of joy, spontaneity and honesty that we hope our customers recognise and fall in love with - and that always make them smile.

We look ahead with hope and positivity that greater connections can be made, which will lead to positive change and a better, more considered, future for both people and our planet.

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and positive year ahead!

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