Living life in colour with designer Natalie Papier

Living life in colour with designer Natalie Papier

Connection is one of the most important aspects of Wendy Morrison Design. Whether that is connecting with Mother Nature or each other; or making connections through our rugs and designs, sharing stories, artisan craft and traditional methods. We love it when someone feels a sense of connection with our work. We want our customers to fall in love with our designs, to know our rugs, fabric and wallpaper will enhance their home and always make them smile.

Since starting out, Wendy has used Instagram to make connections, and share ideas and inspirations. We feel making connections with like-minded people is one of the most positive aspects of the platform; it allows us to share our design journey, but it also lets us find inspiring people.

Connecting with designers like Natalie Papier and discovering her beautiful and colourful home is one of the true joys of Instagram

One such lucky discovery was artist, designer and fellow colour-lover Natalie Papier, who is based in Charlotte, NC, in the United States, where she owns and manages interior design company, Home Ec (

Click on her home page and you are greeted with a portfolio lookbook bursting with colour. Designs are bold and playful. An artist herself, much of Natalie’s interior design centres around art, and, of course, colour.

‘I was very much drawn to Natalie’s use of colour and artwork when I came across her a couple of years ago on Instagram,’ Wendy explains. ‘I love that her own home is full of personality and personal touches, and that she brings that same personality to interiors she works on.

‘She too believes that homes should be full of things we love, such as art, pattern and colour, things that make us feel good.’

Natalie's home is full of personality and personal touches. We love her blue entryway - what a welcome home!

We reached out to Natalie directly via Instagram to discuss a possible collaboration and, following a virtual appointment and lots of glorious colour chat, we supplied a custom-size Kimono Gold hand-tufted rug for her own home.

Natalie’s North Carolina home exudes warmth and character, and is a wonderful mix of original art, vintage pieces, handcrafted items, light, pattern, and colour. Kimono Gold’s striped gold background ties in beautifully with Natalie’s love of retro style, while gold-etched cranes soar above gloriously coloured chrysanthemums and peonies. An uplifting combination of yellow, red, orange, pink, blue, green and lilac, this is a rug that always makes us feel good and she is the perfect fit for Natalie’s gorgeous living room.

After lots of chat around colour and designs we created a custom Kimono Gold hand-tufted rug for Natalie's living room.

We took the opportunity to ask Natalie about her lifelong love of art, her inspirations and whether she had any tips for styling your own space.

When did you first become interested in art and design?

I can't remember a time in my life when art wasn't my passion. I took private lessons from my high school and small-town college art teachers from the age of five. In high school and college, I had these same teachers! I went to a small community college for visual arts and went on to study/practice pottery, screen printing, photography and watercolour in my 20s. Growing up in a Victorian home that my dad restored by hand, started my love for design, and a deep appreciation for period charm and storied furniture. In my 30s, the combination of these two loves would kick off my career into art-forward interior design.

Were you an artist before an interior designer, or have the two always gone hand in hand?

Artist first! It didn't even occur to me to go into design until friends started encouraging me after my eclectic design sense started getting noticed.

What do you enjoy most about being an interior designer?

Connecting with my clients on a personal level.  Truly helping them transform their spaces into designs that are as unique and individual as they are.  I love sourcing layers of art, texture, whimsy, colour and comfort.  For me, it's my 3D art canvas.

The perfect footsie by Natalie! Showing off the wonderful gold base and colourful floral details in her Kimono Gold rug

Colour is clearly hugely important to you – do you have favourite combinations you return to or are you constantly experimenting?

I positively adore experimenting with colour.  I'm not sure I have ever used the same colour twice as there is just too much fun to be had with the never-ending plethora of choice!

Do you have any tips for someone styling their own home? Are there any dos or don’ts you live by?

DO display personal pieces that are important to you and tell your stories. This is where the soul and individuality come in.  DO style your home with colours, patterns and textures that bring you joy.  Buy the art that speaks to you! DON'T ever be scared to show your personality in your own home.

Was there anyone who inspired your style growing up?

My Dad is a self-taught artist and carpenter.  His strong work ethic combined with his creativity was hugely inspiring to me growing up and growing my own business now.

Where do you find inspiration?

EVERYWHERE! Often from nostalgia, travels, my family, nature, other artists, architecture... the list goes on and on.

When did you first come across Wendy Morrison’s rug designs?

A year or two ago on Instagram.  I immediately fell in love with the idea of ‘art for your floor’ as her designs truly are!

What drew you to Kimono Gold and why do you feel she works well in your own home?

Marigold yellow has always been my happy colour.  You will see many touches of it in my home.  It brings in a cohesion to my own colour palette, but the design is also a modern twist on a classic with retro beats which speaks my love language.

Kimono Gold’s striped gold background ties in beautifully with Natalie’s love of retro style

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