Jungle rugs inspired by wanderlust

Jungle rugs inspired by wanderlust

Dreaming of lands afar and the wildlife to match? Us too. Wanderlust is forever with us. Travel enlivens the imagination and encapsulates our love of nature. Not only that, but it also plays a defining role in several of our jungle rugs.

Of course, you don’t need to travel to bring an exotic touch to your home. A jungle rug embodies the vibrancy of another world – a world treasured for its bounty of fauna, flora and wildlife. Leopard spots and tropical palms, here we come.

Welcome to the Jungle…

Leopard Palms rug

Embrace maximalism with the Leopard Palms hand-tufted rug. Elaborate, theatrical and expressive, it’s a statement piece that delivers opulence. Inspired by Tony Duquette’s dramatic style and stage set interiors, there’s no such thing as too much. Too little, yes. Too much, never.

The dramatic design incorporates leopards, palm trees and oriental florals: orchids, chrysanthemums and lotus flowers, in two colour choices – light and dark:

Dreams of the Jungle rug

The almighty wonders of the Indian Jungle sparked this design. A hand-tufted designer rug brought to life with the richness of the jungle. Tree leaves intertwine with lotus flowers amongst a cornucopia of wildlife, including the majestic tiger and blue peacock. Lustrous details defined in jewel-like colours stand out amongst a jungle of black and gold:

Jewel coloured design details stand-out on this jungle rug

Dreams of the Jungle has a wool base with the design details made from Tencel – a material chosen for its sustainable qualities.

Dreams of the Jungle rug in living room

Zebra Leopard Palms rug

Who covets a rug less ordinary? Hand-knotted in silk and wool, Zebra Leopard Palms is a timeless heirloom rug that embraces glamour.

We’re always enthralled by the work of legendary designer Tony Duquette and his exuberant use of colour and extravagant details. So naturally, this rug has a ‘more is more’ style – featuring an eclectic mix of pattern and colour, alongside sumptuous silk details. It’s art for your floor and takes time to craft. Each luxury rug is individually handmade by artisans over approximately four months. Once completed it’s designed to last a lifetime and can be passed down to the next generation.

Tiger, tiger

We’re excited to share that Tiger Florals is coming soon to our hand-tufted rug collection. Dramatic tiger stripes softened with a pink border and florals. Here’s a sneak preview of the design:

Coming Soon – NEW Tiger Florals hand-tufted rug

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