Join our creative community - The Wendy Morrison Design Odyssey

Join our creative community - The Wendy Morrison Design Odyssey

Here at Wendy Morrison Design, we get lots of joy from learning, exploring and sharing ideas. We love being inspired by others’ stories, meeting new people and finding new places. One of our passions is that of discovery; finding fresh ideas in design, experimenting with colour, pattern, texture and style. We find joy in helping to create homes that are stylish, comfortable, nurturing and unique. We also love exploring better ways of living and working in our daily lives, as well as building work spaces and relationships that are supportive, sustainable and inspirational.

With all of that in mind, we want to create a space where ideas, inspirations and joyful moments can be shared. We want to build a like-minded community of design enthusiasts - whether amateur or professional. A community that is passionate about new ideas, fresh approaches and colourful changes.

One of the best-loved motifs at Wendy Morrison Design is the Phoenix - an iconic, mythical bird that rises from the ashes of fire and represents rebirth, regeneration, endurance, hope, eternity and new beginnings.

Revered by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, in traditional Chinese culture the Phoenix was seen as a noble bird with the power to judge the character of humans. Intriguing, beautiful and considered a symbol of good luck, it is also said to bring positive energy.

We were delighted to discover that a small group of phoenixes is called a ‘venture’, while a large group is called an ‘odyssey’. In its other meaning, the definition of an ‘odyssey’ is that of a long and eventful or adventurous journey or experience.

To us, it feels like a wonderful partnership, one of our most-loved motifs - the glorious Phoenix - combined with an adventurous voyage of discovery. So, the idea was born - the Wendy Morrison Design Odyssey – our invitation to an adventurous design journey during which we share thoughts, ideas, insights, inspirations and news. A journey we hope you will find inspiring, enlightening, educational and a whole lot of fun.

For anyone signing up to join our creative community, there are extra benefits too:

  • A lifelong 10% discount on all Wendy Morrison Design pieces
  • Exclusive access to ex-display and sample sales
  • Access to exclusive Wendy Morrison Design journals and stories
  • The first to know about special offers and new product launches

Sign up to the Wendy Morrison Design Odyssey and join us on an adventurous design experience. We look forward to journeying with you!

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