John Lewis Design Collective

John Lewis Design Collective

John Lewis interviewed Wendy about her latest rugs ‘Flamingo Clouds’ and ‘Flamingo Fern, designed exclusively for their Design Collective range.

Wendy Morrion’s Flamingo Clouds rug for John Lewis

Wendy Morrison’s Flamingo Fern rug for John Lewis

JL: What unites your work?
W:  My inspiration, where the natural world is a constant. I always find contentment and beauty outdoors, whether it’s sunny or wild weather.  And I’m fascinated by Japanese textiles, where nature’s narrative is so clear to see.

JL: What is good design?
W:  An equal balance of beauty and functionality.  I like something that makes me smile, but if it performs well, you use it more and you benefit from it more.  It can take me a while to make a purchase if I’m looking for something specific because I don’t want to compromise on either aspect.

JL: Tell us about your inspiration for these rugs.
W: Flamingoes are gorgeous creatures, with such grace in flight. I wanted to capture this through graphic forms, influenced by Chinese rugs from the Art Deco period.

JL: What did you learn during the design process?
W: I have a tendency of not knowing when to stop when I’m designing, adding lots of details that I thick can make the piece look richer. The simplicity of this rug shows that’s not always necessary.

Flamingo Clouds and Flamingo Fern are hand tufted rug adorned with  flamingo and cloud/flamingo and fern motifs. Designed for John Lewis to tap into the chic hotel trend it is inspired by boutique designs and sumptuous tones, the colour palette is versatile, with the soft smoke shades and shiny finish, a real statement to make in any home.

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