Introducing wonder walls and fabulous fabrics

Introducing wonder walls and fabulous fabrics

The beautiful Eternal Toile Collection

After much thinking and planning, sketching, revising and developing, the first Wendy Morrison Design limited-edition range of wallpapers and fabrics is available, and we are so excited to finally be able to share this latest chapter in our design story with you.

Our wallpaper and fabrics take inspiration from some of our hand-knotted rug designs, each has its own story, colourway and personality, and each one has been created to bring colour, pattern, inspiration and joy to homes.

Wendy has been asked often over the years if she would create wallpaper and fabric ranges, so the thought was always there, but the timing and opportunity were never quite right. Until now. It was an exciting and challenging prospect. Wendy wanted to create wallpaper and fabric designs that could stand alone, but that would also work beautifully with her rug designs, bringing a wealth of colour and pattern to floors, walls and soft furnishings.

‘Working in the interiors world, there is no escaping the wonderful array of wallpapers available,’ Wendy says. ‘I always find it so difficult to choose and I am always inspired by de Gournay. Customers have been asking for quite a while if we would create wallpaper and this year that became possible.

Design challenges

‘It felt like such an exciting opportunity to design my own range, although I knew it would bring different challenges to those faced in rug design. The most obvious difference was the creation of pattern repeats. I admit it was a challenge, but it was an exciting one and it proved so interesting to see how my pictorial designs could develop and be brought to life in a new way.

‘Another huge difference is that with rug design, I am very dependent on the wonderful, lustrous yarns we use to bring my artwork to life. It was quite a daunting prospect to think of my artwork going directly to print, as it would with both wallpaper and fabric. It was equally important not to lose the essence of my style, which is why we selected the highest quality wallpaper base with its gold iridescent background that has richness and texture to it, and creates a wonderfully luxurious finish.

‘Having seen the final results, I feel the storytelling that is such an important part of our rugs can now be told across walls too.’

Mandela Wallpaper with our Kimono Gold Hand Tufted Wool & Tencel Rug

Inspired by our hand-knotted rugs

‘The first collection has been inspired by our hand-knotted rugs: Phoenix, Eternal Toile, Joie de Vivre and a revised hand-tufted Mandela Solace. Joie de Vivre has worked well as a mural-type design and fits easily into lots of décor schemes. Use lavishly for maximum impact or as picture panels throughout a space to create a sense of joy.

Eternal Toile, with her subtle repeat pattern, seemed to me the most natural design to develop into both wallpaper and fabric. The result has worked well, with a richness in colour and pattern, while creating a sense of calm.

‘At first glance, Phoenix appears to be quite an intense design, but I love the way she resulted in a lovely Art Deco-inspired pattern repeat. Once in a repeat pattern on the wall, she too creates a feeling of calm.

Mandela, predominantly black and white with gold highlights and little pops of colour in the birds and butterflies, is particularly easy to work with, lending herself to lots of different schemes. The gold creates warmth and richness, and the colour gives just the right amount of interest while maintaining a sense of calm serenity.

‘I love the way my lockdown design, Arc en Ciel, developed into a repeat pattern for fabric. When developing both Arc en Ciel and Phoenix into repeat patterns, the results had a real Art Deco feel, a very glamorous, luxurious deco decadence. Arc en Ciel is a celebration of all my favourite colour combinations and, with my love of fashion, I naturally now picture skirts and dresses as well as window dressings and cushion covers!’

Our Joie de Vivre wallpaper with the rug that inspired her.

Where to start

For anyone new to the idea of wallpaper who feels a little apprehensive about using it, or for those who love the idea, but don’t know where to start, Wendy has a few tips.

‘Start with a small space, like a downstairs loo or box room, somewhere you can immerse yourself in a paper you love and you can get a feel for it in a smaller space,’ she says. ‘In a larger space, it can be a good idea to create a focal point with a paper you love, covering one wall or adding a panel. You then have the pleasure of catching sight of it in a room, without being surrounded. This is also a more affordable way to enjoy a design you love too. However, in true maximalist fashion, I would always urge anyone to go for full immersion!’


Made in the UK, our wallcoverings are digitally printed on luxurious non-woven paper. All of our wallpapers should be applied by pasting the walls rather than the paper. Our wallpapers are supplied in boxes that use 75% recyclable carboard and that are fully recyclable.


The elegant design features a slim black tree with long branches set against a pale gold backdrop. Delicate birds and butterflies shot through with gentle, shimmering colour combine in a striking, yet restful, wallcovering.

Phoenix Green

Featuring the mystical, symbolic phoenix surrounded by chrysanthemums and butterflies on a luscious green background, this is an intricate pattern with wonderful detail well suited for full maximalist coverage and for feature walls.

The magical Phoenix Green luxury wallpaper, inspired by our Hand Knotted Phoenix Rug

Phoenix Black

Our glorious phoenix, chrysanthemums and butterflies are set against a grounding black base. An uplifting, intricately detailed design that draws the eye and catches the attention again and again.

Eternal Toile

Incorporating the Ten Symbols of Longevity used in Far Eastern philosophy, this elegant design is full of inspiration and detail, while the warmth of gold and flashes of lilac running through add to its grounding ability, making it easy to place.

Joie de Vivre

An exuberant design without being overwhelming, the shimmering detail and pretty colours share the story of the importance of humankind’s connection with the natural world. Wonderful colour combinations and elegant shaping draw the eye, creating a design with maximum interest and impact.


Printed in the UK by a company that has been established since 1924, our fabrics are suitable for domestic curtains, light upholstery and soft furnishings. Use fabric to inject a hint of colour and pattern – it is an easy way to include a luxury design you love in your home – or go all out and team with our rugs and wallcoverings.

Arc en Ciel (printed linen viscose)

Full of colour, hope and positivity, Arc en Ciel came about during lockdown, a time when the world needed a lift. The positive power of colour is immediately obvious here, and the sweeping, elegant shapes within the pattern bring balance to create a joyful design.

Eternal Toile (printed linen viscose mix)

Storytelling and symbolism come together in this wonderful, versatile fabric. The combination of gold, lilac and black has impact, but allows this design to easily fit into and enhance schemes, adding an instant sense of luxury to interiors.

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