Inspired by Kate Watson-Smyth - our bedroom rug story

Inspired by Kate Watson-Smyth - our bedroom rug story

Secret Garden designer bedroom rug

A bedroom rug can lay the foundations to create a restful room and sanctuary – a place to escape the modern world of technology and somewhere to rest. And so, our bedroom rug story begins…

Wendy offered to create a designer bedroom rug for Kate Watson-Smyth. As one of the most well-known interiors writers in the UK, Kate recognised that Wendy was a ‘hugely talented designer’ and it wasn’t long before there was a melting pot of ideas between Kate and Wendy. The result – beautiful bedroom floor décor with a design that doesn’t get lost under your bed.

Let’s talk placement

You may like to have two rugs on either side of your bed. Our Birdsong Yellow runner can work well for this.

Birdsong Yellow runner alongside the bed

There’s no problem having two smaller or narrow rugs when your bedroom is large enough. However, in a small room, it can break up the space and make it feel even smaller. Also, Kate wasn’t looking for an end-of-the-bed rug. So, it became apparent there was a fantastic opportunity for Wendy to create a designer rug that worked well underneath a bed without losing the main design.

Design not lost under your bed

Many rugs on the market simply aren’t styled with beds in mind. Wendy, inspired by the discussions with Kate, wanted to fix this. At the end of the day, you want to admire your rug in all its glory, not lose sight of most the lovely design under your bed. At the same time, having one larger rug looks effortlessly more stylish and modern than one just squeezed at the end of your bed. That’s where the idea for creating a rug with the main pattern around the edges came from.

Wendy decided her new bedroom rug design would frame the bed, providing comfort to step out onto as well as giving depth and colour to a room.

Welcome Secret Garden

While exploring designs for bedrooms, Wendy discovered that chinoiserie and nature influences were ideal for creating a relaxed bedroom feel. Kate and her husband also admired two chinoiserie rugs in particular: Cranes in Trees and Jardin de Chinois. So, it made perfect sense for Wendy to use these as her starting point for a bedroom rug.

Our Secret Garden rug design was born – a timeless bedroom rug that brings a touch of oriental glamour. Exotic birds, butterflies and branch silhouette details create a serene scene. Also, crucially, this rug maximised the design space around the perimeter.

Kate was delighted with Wendy’s prototype of the rug and her bedroom looks like a heavenly spot to while away a Sunday morning, book in hand:

Image credit: Kate Watson-Smyth

This is the final commercially available design with a soft pink wool base and stunning gold details:

Secret Garden bedroom rug – final design

Its large size fits well even under king-size beds, while laying elegantly across a large part of the rest of your floor. There’s no risk of losing half the pattern under your bed and most of the design is focused around the outer and graduates towards the centre, rather than the other way round where the centre of the rug is the focus. The pattern stops gradually near the centre of the rug with a blank space where the pink wool base takes centre stage.

Secret Garden pink & gold rug in bedroom

“It was lovely working on a bedroom rug for Kate and it gave me an excellent opportunity to further explore how to position different design elements so that they’re not covered by furniture. I like to consider entire schemes when creating new styles. After all, designer rugs should complement the whole room.”
Wendy Morrison, Creative Director and Founder of Wendy Morrison Design.

Sparking other rug designs

The joy of seeing a rug pattern appear from beneath furniture has since inspired several other designs. If you enjoy the chinoiserie style of Secret Garden, it’s also worth taking a look at Chinese Garden of Virtue. It’s a smaller rug and not designed specifically for bedrooms, yet it similarly depicts chinoiserie sophistication; gold-framed elegance finished with bright exotic birds. Who doesn’t want to bring more serenity and glamour to their floors?

Chinese Garden of Virtue rug

And here’s one for fans of leopard décor – meet Leopard Florals:

Leopard Florals designer rug frames the bed

Leopard Florals has a wide border style that could work equally well with a dining table or a bed. Our designer rugs work in tandem with other room décor. Discover your favourite in our rug collection.

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