Glamour in the home

Glamour in the home

Creating the WOW factor

We’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of glamour lately – glamorous is a word often used to describe our rugs. The dictionary definition of something glamorous is that it is more attractive, exciting or interesting than the ordinary or the everyday, which is exactly how we feel about our rug designs.

Our intention is to create rugs that are out of the ordinary, that you will fall in love with and live happily ever after with. All of the designs are inspired by things we love – colours, textures, history, places, ideas – woven together to create unique pieces, each with its own story, that brings colour and comfort to our homes.

As we all spend more time at home, it feels even more important to create spaces that are not only warm and welcoming, but interesting and inspiring too, spaces that we really enjoy spending time in.

Our new Pink Moon rug is just one example of other cultures influencing our work. Inspired by Buddhism, where the moon is seen as an enduring symbol of truth and enlightenment, the hand-knotted rug is made in Nepal from wool and silk. The monochrome base pattern, which was inspired by an ancient design believed to symbolise the footprints of the Buddha and represents the eternal cycle of life, is the perfect backdrop to the subtle lustre and ombre effect of the central moon. The combination of symbolism, wild birds in flight, and the pink shimmering moon tells its own story in one beautiful, elegant piece that catches the eye and captivates.

Exotic influence

Inspired by our love of travel, the exotic Tiger Florals design features dramatic black stripes complemented by a sand-coloured hand-tufted pure wool base and beautiful pink lotus flower details, created in sustainable Tencel. The perfect combination of a dramatic design balanced with neutral tones, which will add a glamorous vibe to homes as well as a sensuous touch underfoot.

Adding the WOW factor

We’re all about maximalism here – it’s a bold trend that allows you to really personalise your own space. It’s all about strong colour, mixed pattern and sumptuous fabrics – perfect for creating a home that looks and feels glamorous. Start with one beautiful piece – giving your room instant ‘wow’ factor – and build your new look from there.

Create a focal point

A fabulous rug is the perfect design foundation for a room. The maximalist style secret is to make visual connections from that one bold piece through similar colours, tones or pattern used elsewhere in the room.

Inspired by the legendary Chinese dragon, a potent symbol of power, the striking ‘true blue’ wool base contrasts with the gold Tencel details and pink peony roses. Blue and gold is a glamorous partnership and conjures up images of elegant and regal occasions. Be guided by the tones here to accessorise your room to draw the look together for maximum impact.

The eye-catching combination of green and gold here offers a starting point for creating a stunning modern glam interior.  Team with plain, dark walls, mirrors to bounce light and colour around, plus gold and green accessories to create an exciting space that looks well thought out.

Maximalism welcomes decadence and extravagance, think vibrant tones and layers of texture to create contrast. Leopard Crewel Embroidery is a luxurious limited-edition accessory, which can be used as a rug, wall-hanging, a bedspread or draped over a sofa or chair, allowing you to be constantly creative, switching up its use when the mood takes you.

Leopards, palm trees, orchids, lotus flowers and chrysanths, the hand-knotted wool and silk Zebra Leopard Palms rug gives lots of scope for an elegant yet playful interior. The classic zebra wool base is the perfect backdrop to exotic, shimmering silk details, which come to life in a room.

Our homes should bring us joy and allow us to express ourselves. Maximalism is all about comfort, colour and sumptuous fabrics, it’s about bringing fun back into homes with colour, pattern and texture. And as we all get used to being at home a bit more, this feels like the right time to enjoy creating a beautiful, colourful space that feels happy and uplifting.

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