Get ready to be WOWed!

Get ready to be WOWed!

One of the many delights in having a showroom in the London Design Centre is that we are at the heart of one of the most innovative and inspirational design spaces in the world. There is always something going on to capture the attention. But, from Monday 5th June until Thursday 6th July 2023, runs one of the biggest, and perhaps the most-inspirational, event held at the design centre - WOW!house.

Packed to the rafters with inspiration, WOW!house is a unique 500 sq m showhouse built within the Design Avenue at Chelsea Harbour’s Design Centre, which comprises 18 rooms created by world-class interior designers. The event celebrates the very best in international interior design and brands in an immersive visitor experience

The library by Tim Gosling certainly left a lasting impression on Wendy

Home of imagination & inspiration

WOW!house is a space where imaginations run free, an event that highlights the beauty, scope and possibility of design. WOW!house offers a unique opportunity to see the work of some of the most creative interior design minds under one roof.

Each of the 18 rooms are created by a different designer. Every room has a uniquely personal story told through pattern, texture, art, furnishings and craftsmanship. There is an accompanying programme of talks and tours, where designers share how and why they created each space.

Whether you work within the interior design industry or simply have a love of interiors and design, this is a fantastic event to visit. It offers a unique opportunity to step into real-life spaces designed by some of the most talented interior designers in the world.

Natalia Miyar designed the perfect bedroom ambience with the most beautiful green wallpaper from Colony by Casa Luiza.

Wendy’s WOW!house takeaways

‘It was great to see the WOW!house after much anticipation,’ Wendy says, ‘it was a real feast for the eyes and senses, a dream for someone with a love of interiors.

‘The entrance foyer certainly made me smile. It was a wonderful entrance to the house, created by Mark D Sikes alongside sponsor Iksel, who design the most beautiful wallpapers. This led on to the Legend room created by Nicky Haslam and Colette van den Thillart, which was composed of different areas to suit diverse activities, such as reading, studying, gaming, eating and chatting. It was the sofa I was most drawn to and I loved that the room was perhaps a love letter to Dorothy Draper, I am sure she would have appreciated it too.

Beautiful sketches giving a hint at what you can expect to see at this year's Wow!House

‘Joy Moyler worked her magic in the dining room - the more I looked the more details appeared,’ Wendy adds. ’The joy of colour was clear to see in Nicolo Castellini Baldissera’s Salon, created alongside C&C Milano.

‘Barlow and Barlow created a playful and very beautiful bathroom. It is a visual feast of decorative delights, from the floor to the cluster of ceiling pendant lights all comfortably grounded with gorgeous hardware from Drummonds.

‘Natalia Miyar designed the perfect bedroom ambience with the most beautiful green wallpaper from Colony by Casa Luiza. I loved the wall décor created by De Gournay for Waldo Works in the morning room, it contributed to a beautiful, bright and comfortable space.

Barlow and Barlow created a playful and very beautiful bathroom

‘Probably the space I felt most at home was the library by Tim Gosling. It was a real tapestry of beautiful pieces all with a story to tell. As Tim explains, ’libraries are rooms that you amass emotional objects for, creating links to things and people that span thousands of years of human knowledge and skill.’’.

You can read about all of the inspirational designers involved in this year’s WOW!house at:

Welcome to our showroom, located on the 1st floor in Design Centre East

Stop off at the showroom

If you are planning to visit WOW!house, it is the perfect opportunity to pop into the new Wendy Morrison Design showroom at the Design Centre. Having a bricks and mortar space allows customers to see, touch and feel the quality of our designs in real life. It also gives visitors the opportunity to speak to our expert team, who love to talk all things design and inspiration, and know all there is to know about our lovely designs and the stories they have to share.


Visitors to our showroom can view samples of all our rugs, as well as all of our fabrics and wallpaper designs. Hand-knotted rugs - perhaps the most difficult to show the beauty of the shimmering silk details in photographs - on display include Arc en Ciel, Floral Waves Blue, Solace, Pink Moon, Jardin de Chinois, Shanghai Blossom, Eternal Toile and Zebra Leopard Palms. Our Shanghai Blossom Hand-Tufted Runner is currently on display to welcome visitors as they arrive. We also have a rather special pre-release wallpaper, One Hundred Birds One Hundred Flowers.


Our Solace hand-knotted wool and silk rug hung on the wall sits perfectly with our Eternal Toile Hand-Knotted wool and silk rug and crewel wall-hanging

Seeing our products in real life is the best way to appreciate the colours, hand-crafted quality and design of each individual piece. There is no other way to really see how the ombre moon shimmers in Pink Moon, to understand the storytelling power at the heart of Eternal Toile, or realise how vibrant and uplifting Arc en Ciel really is


Floral Waves Blues and Jardin de Chinois - the perfect combo!

A visit in real life is also the perfect way to understand the scale of each design, and to see how well individual pieces work together. Maximalist by design, Wendy’s beautifully curated colour palette enables complex patterns to work in harmony. We also have some wonderful furnishings in the showroom from fellow designers, which sparks the imagination.

We hope we have created a space that will constantly inspire, make visitors smile and introduce a little bit of joy. If you are in London, do pop in and say hello!


Our beloved Pink Moon hand-knotted wool and silk rug has been a favourite in the showroom since we opened, sitting with the equally loved Phoenix hand-knotted wool and silk rug

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